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This Dentist loves the Lens just like he does the teeth

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Dr. Keluskar Kanhoba Mahabaleshwar, BDS. MDS. PhD. Professor & Head, Dept. of Orthodontics, KLE VK IDS Belagavi is also a noted photographer. He specializes in Wild Life, Nature and Dental Photography. He fell in love with the camera in the early 1990’s when he got his first camera during his PG days. From then on his love for the Camera has increased and he now even takes courses of Dental Photography for PG students.

keluskar-km photography belagaviDr. Keluskar was Born and brought up in Belagavi and he studied in Marathi medium from Govt. school no. 13, then Chintaman Rao high school and completed his BDS and PhD. From KLE Dental College Belagavi as First Batch student. He was a Gold Medalist in 1989 and later completed his MDS in 1994 joined at the same college as Asst. Professor and completed his PhD. in 2013.

AAB caught up with Dr.Keluskar and tried to know more about his passion and his job –
How is that you started to wildlife photography?

It was necessary to take photographs of patients before starting the treatment, during treatment and at the completion of treatment. This was the reason to buy my first camera during post graduation in 1991. I developed interest in photography as an Art because of my neighbor and friend who is a very good photographer, Mr. Govind Karekar. After my marriage I met another close friend of mine Mr. Niranjan Sant who is a renowned bird and wild life Photographer, his association lead me to wildlife photography.

keluskar2Have you taken any training in the same?

I learned photography on my own, as the patient (medical) photography is a separate science itself and one needs to learn about it. As I gathered the confidence in few years I started conducting Dental Photography courses for Dental Post graduate students.

When do you find time for all this as it requires a lot of patience and time?

Once a year I plan and go for photography tour in India. Other times I make small trips around Belagavi itself. Sometimes when I get an invitation as examiner or inspector I plan my trip such a way that I can spend a day or two in nearby wildlife sanctuary. I remember my first wildlife photography trip at Ranathambore and was not able to take any good pictures, as it was my first experience.

keluskar photoraphyNarrate any memorable incident while taking photos?

While photographing at Kaziranga a rhino chased our jeep, also at Kabini near Mysore a mother wild elephant chased us as she was with the baby elephant. I still remember those moments.
And once at Sariska wildlife sanctuary along with one of my friend we tried to locate a leopard, following calls of wild animals, we waited for a long time but couldn’t locate the animal. After a long wait we decided to return and that very moment found that the leopard was right behind our jeep, we were taking reverse and the wild cat jumped and ran off not giving us a chance to take even one photo.

One of my most dangerous assignment was somewhere around 1997 myself and one of my friend were traveling upto Kanyakumari we had a stop at Kovalam beach, one of the boatman approached us for a ride in sea waters upto a light house which was at a distance. The boat was actually not a boat but two logs of woods tied together where only two people could sit with their legs hanging in water and the third person is this man who can take us to the spot. There were no life jackets or any other life saving measures and I didn’t know swimming, still we dared to take that ride and till today whenever I remember that incident I get goosebumps. This was purely for the passion of photography.

Any tips for upcoming wildlife photo enthusiasts?

The upcoming wildlife photographers should remember only two things that pay our efforts, are Patience and Right photographic equipment.

How do you think photography will change in the future, if at all?
When I started with photography it was only film cameras with manual focusing, later it changed to auto focus and now the digital, therefore photography is sure to change in future already there are new technologies in the market called as light field photography and holography the future may be entirely different which we cannot predict as the technology is changing very fast.

Your favourite places in India to shoot are ? 
Kaziranga, Kabini & Pench

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