As many 4 FM stations might start in Belgaum


The people of Belgaum have been pressing for private FM stations in Belgaum and during the Phase II of the FM radio licenses Belgaum was not covered.

But on July 7, the union cabinet gave it nod for the Phase III of the FM Policy which will cover 227 more cities with a population of more than one lakh.


As per the notification as many as Four stations could be operational in Belgaum.

Dont be gladsome immediately, still this is just a policy and the auction of the said slots has to be done which might take anywhere between 6-12 months. After the auction is done if there are bidders, then the frequency would be alloted and then each operator will have time to commence operations.

In Karanataka as many as 55 new FM stations could be operational.




  1. Really Need FM station for Belgaum
    One for Kannada And another for Hindi language
    Almost every DISTRICT has FM
    but in Belgaum must need
    Ham Radio Operator

  2. Hubballi and dharawd 2 and capital city in Karnataka as soon as we need f m 92.7 big FM and 91.1 radio city in smart city

    • Hubballi and dharawd 2 and capital city in Karnataka as soon as we need f m 92.7 big FM and 91.1 radio city in smart city

  3. Our, belagavi mp’s & mla’s are Donkey’s. They don’t want fm radios or development, they want their own development. Financial development. They want to become more rich. Don’t expect anything. This will continue like this only. Not only radio station. See the Belagavi Bus station. It is in worst condition. They don’t want to develop Belagavi. Shame on you mla’s & mp’s of Belgaum.

  4. I love to hear FM, but dont know when belgaum gets this…
    Its sayed sine 1998, that belgaum will get FM…..
    please make it possible all Belgaum’ittZZzz……..

  5. Just answer to my question.. when belgaum get private fm station.. already in maharastra 90% fm station is covered.. yesterday satara get 94.3 tomato fm.. but in karnataka 25% only covered by fm…..why not neglecting the northern cities..

  6. If you launch fm station in belgaum..then it will not cover whole district.. so you have to make a fm station in middle of the district…so make fm station in Gokak..

  7. Belagavi is the second capital of Karnataka… But still no one fm station..
    4 fm station will operational in Belgavi…We want Radio Mirchi , Big Fm , Red Fm and Radio City….

  8. Belagavi is the second capital of Karnataka.So it will get FM stations , just like Bengaluru with more Kannada songs.

    • yup it sounds fun.. hopefully this ill be 24 hours radiio station… not like our traditional 103 dharwad station.. lol… jokes a part waiting to see fm in bgm soon…


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