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Aadhar children now will go to a new school

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A request made in good sense for the benefits of the students by Mahesh Jadhav who runs Aadhar orphanage, has resulted in a battle of words and now even police complaints have been filed against the school committee and Mahesh himself.

The incident happened on last Friday when during a program organized in the school, Mahesh Jadhav urged the School committee to open the newly built toilet blocks for the use of the children infront of all.

This irked the committee and after the function was over called him over for a meeting and Mahesh Jadhav says that he was man handled by the members and also had to face abusive language. Mahesh further told this blog that they warned that none of the 30 students from the orphanage would be allowed inside the school. This school was very ideal for the orphans as it was just opposite their orphanage.

Even after making complaints to the education department no action has been taken. Now the students have been admitted to a different school for which a vehicle has been arranged by the orphanage.

Mr.Jadhav has field a complaint against the school committee at the Malmruti Police station and in retaliation the committee members have filed a complaint against Mahesh saying he and his students destroyed the peace in the school. Committee members say that Mahesh used abusive language during the meet and allegations made by him were not true.

In this fight the students are loosing their education and these orphans might just be feeling more flagitious.




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