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Allaboutbelgaum has now a new logo

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27 thoughts on “Allaboutbelgaum has now a new logo”

  1. Thanks sudesh, for cration of new logo which resembles to our belgaum culture and perfectly suits it.
    I am very much proud that u r my best friend. Lets cheers that we are Khanapurites…

  2. Nice Logo, If someone can help.I could recognise all the landmarks except the one besides Rani Chennama, i.e 2nd from right.

  3. Sorry boss I do not like your logo. It looks like logo of Shetty restuarant. The basic of logo desiginig is it should very simple, attractice and full of meaning. It should confuse any one and should need to explained what it is.
    Ok boss.

    Nasir J Shah Saheb (journalist)
    Saudi Gazetten Newspaper
    Saudi Arabia.

  4. I agree with Nasir…

    A logo should be an abstract representation of some idea or a thought.. The image selected by the judges is not a good logo.. It can be called as a good collage or would be even great as a mural…. The concept explained is also fine.. But the final output is too direct and heavily loaded….

    Not really happy with the logo.. There were some really good options available in some of the entries i saw on facebook..

    I think an online poll would hav done justice to the competition..

  5. Thanks for all
    realy it's very nice lobo.
    You have got together all religions symball.

    congratulation sudesh

  6. Good one…. But its not best.. Looks little complex… Nice job from all logo designers. Appreciate their work.

    Congraths to AAB for new logo 🙂


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