Indradhanushyas Bharat ek Jharoka

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City based Indradhanushya trust on the eve of the 65th independence day celebrations is organizing an exhibition, cultural programs and a discussion.

110 students studying in classes 7 to 10 will participate in the exhibition, which will be divided into four divisions representing north, south, east and west.indra

Exhibition and cultural programs would be held on 14th & 15th August and a discussion and guidance program by noted speakers would be held on the topic “ Parents role in nation building”.

The entry is free.


August 14 2011

Exhibition : 10.30 am to 7 pm.

Cultural Program : 12.30 pm to 1pm

6 to 6.30pm


August 15 2011

Exhibition : 10.30 am to 5 pm.

Cultural Program : 12.30 pm to 1pm

5 to 5.30pm


Discussion : Parents role in nation building  at 6 pm

Participants: Sunita Bhagwat(Pune), Lata Kittur, Ashwini Belgaumkar,
Vinayak Lokur, Amit Soundalgekar  [/box_light]

Venue: Maratha Mandir, Khanapur Road, Belgaum

4 thoughts on “Indradhanushyas Bharat ek Jharoka”

  1. wen we are speaking of independence

    than why are groups divided wer we are speaking of Unity

    saying representing north, south, east and west.??

    • Anekata mein ekata. We have approximately 40 offical, 400 unofficial and 4000 dialects of languages. Every 100 KMS or so, the way people speak/live/eat changes to some extent at least. There are many religions and all have great number of followers. The Indians have been represented in this country from all directions not only 4 divisions. But still we all are ONE. 🙂

  2. if we wouldn’t have divided the diversity of India into 4 zones it would have been very difficult to present India in a systematic manner. as a result the teams decided to take up a zone based on its, tourism, personalities, cuisines, etc… but definitely this division has nothing to do with caste or any religion. beacuse children there, everyone welcomed all saying VANDE MATARAM!!!!


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