Celebration for the taste buds at Annotasva

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The food festival has brought to fore new delicacies in the city. The 13th Annotasva that is being organized has about 60 stalls of various food items of various cuisines. Also dance, singing, body building competitions will be held each day of the event.

The funds raised from the event are utilized for various social initiatives of the Rotary club.

With an entry fee of Rs.5 for children and Rs.10 for adults one will want to enter the food festival area, this time organized at the Union Gymkhana grounds and entry to the venue is from the road next to Lingraj College on College road.food1

Patankar Pickles hoarding gives you a warm welcome which gives you a sense of local participation in the event. With various stalls lined on each side and some at the center one can feel that its only Food that is important here.

Anvith an avid foodie told this blog “One complaint I have is the lack of vegetarian options. No one has thought of setting up specialty vegetarian stalls. The one stall called Sabz Khaas had nothing new other than what we find regularly at the restaurants here. The food festival should be a celebration of good food. Although business is important, such an event should concentrate on introducing new and exciting food choices.”

Various cuisines Kolhapuri Tadka, Savaji, Goan Fish, Mexican, Italian and also home made food was seen at one place. Also seen were Thalipeeth, Zunka, Ukdiche modak.

Most Hotels had their stalls like Niyaz, Zaika, Priya Dine, Deeva, Saffron to name a few.

Kebab Delight, which has opened up near Shaikh college was serving Mexican Tacos and Enchiladas. The Veg Special Taco was pretty good. The Meenaxi Gruha Udyog ladies put up some great food in Jolad Vade and Hubli Girmit.

The Savaji Mutton Kardu, Mutton Pickle with soup and Eradmi was scrumptious. So was the Kolhapuri Misal and the Tambda and Pandhra rassa.food2

The mousse of almost 3 flavors were also good at the Kebab Delight stall. Fish Fry and Sea food from home made stalls was also very ambrosial. Fish Tandori at Niyaz was also good.

With the growing inflation, nothing comes cheap and so if a family of four goes to the festival you are bound to spend atleast Rs. 900-1000 tasting the various delicacies.

The food festival would end on January 27, 2013. 

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  1. I suggest hotel management schools should be invited for participation in such event to give the right perspective. Also organisers should educate the public & participants about Microfinance etc by hosting some talks, seminars from the hotel/food experts from Belgaum or may be outsider.

    • This time it was quiet unorganized……

      Uncontrollable rush, parking, less inside space, muddy and dirt all around, absence of dustbins can be clearly seen, improper sitting arrangements…. Neat N Clean element was missing at all stall…


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