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Belagavi, India
Friday, March 24, 2017

Belagavi’s Kunda sweet sensation fairy-tale

Perhaps, this ‘sweet production’ must have prompted many businessmen in the region to prepare various kinds of sweet products over the years. The number...
delhi chaats belagavi

Delhi Chaats, if you crave for flavors!

A city’s foodie scene is as good as the citizens demand or patronize. It not only depicts the city’s social, cultural and anthropological history,...

Those days of school Shenga Vattane Limlet

“Those days when I was in school were the most wonderful days of my life.” This is a general statement which will fit for one...

Delicious nights

by Sameer Majli One characteristic of Belagavi, over the ages, has been the immense commitment of Belgaumites to the sleep early routine. Early to bed...

Benne Dosa – Tatte Idli

To Rate this Dish Just hover over the STARS and rate Restaurant: Benne Dosa Dish: Tatte Idli, C D Deshmukh Road Tilakwadi

Parathas – Paratha Corner

To Rate this Dish Just hover over the STARS and rate Restaurant: Paratha Corner, congress Road Tilakwadi Dish: Parathas

Sabu Vada – Gawdes

To Rate this Dish Just hover over the STARS and rate Restaurant: Gawdes, Kelkar Bagh Dish: Sabudana Vada
Arbi Style Nachos marakeesh

New Summer Menu from Middle east at Marrakesh

With summer in full swing and the mercury northbound, it is advised that apart from drinking lots of water, a special summer diet consisting...

Make hay while the sun shines

The mercury soars and the looks of the sun border around the unkind as he goes about his business of heating up everything in...

Online Food Ordering coming to town

There has been exponential growth in online commerce. After e-retailers brought the best fashion brands to doorsteps of consumers, aggregators like Zomato, TinyOwl and...

Misal and More – for homely food

Belagavi is known for its food and foodies. Along with the multinational fast food chains there is a new addition to tickle those taste buds...

Marrakesh – the New taste in town – Review

The city of Belagavi is now growing, becoming a food lovers paradise. Not that the local cuisine is left behind but new and different...