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Homebaked Luxury Experience by Garima- the healthy way to indulge

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All the thoughts of staying away from sinful indulgencies go out of the window with just a sight of a yummy cake. A chance view of her Facebook page (Homebaked Luxury experience by Garima) and I inquired about the eponymous by-order only cake venture in Belagavi. Surf through her Facebook page and you’ll get floored by all the flowers and nuts and riot of colors adorning her cakes and bakes. Her Barbie doll cake looked just as sumptuous as it would have tasted. Just out of curiosity, a call is what was needed to know more about the newest start-up venture.

Homebaked Luxury experience by Garima Kulkarni belagavi

Garima Kulkarni is an engineer by education and a mother to an adorable two year old. Her zeal to provide healthy treats to her kid and family resulted in her going online to find alternatives to refined flour delicacies. It was indeed good to know that Belagavi has finally woken up to some healthy alternatives to indulge your taste buds.

Homebaked Luxury experience by Garima Kulkarni belagavi

Today, Garima makes purely egg less cakes and uses all organic products for them- whole wheat flour and palm sugar. She’s quite fond of the nuts, berries, fresh fruit and frequently uses them in her cakes. As the name suggests, she bakes them all at home, painstakingly in batches. Currently, she takes orders for a minimum of 6 pcs per variety. Something very special was the packaging, which she has sourced specifically from outside Belagavi. This packaging can be customized as per the occasion.

I bought five types of cupcakes, Spiced carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting(the two cute little carrots on the frosting can steal your heart), Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, Cookie and Cream cupcake, Coffee cupcake and Choco Cranberry cupcake. The cakes came in a great box and tasted awesome. The organic ingredients and whole wheat flour and plam sugar taste was refreshing.

Homebaked Luxury experience by Garima Kulkarni belagaviThe carrot cupcake has hints of cinnamon and nutmeg while the cranberry cupcake was the best with bits of the berry popping up at every bite. The cream cheese frosting tasted different from the mass produced icing that one is used to. The coffee cupcake had just the right amount of coffee flavor but one just wished it had some more of it. The cakes are reasonably priced at Rs. 70 for the classic flavours like Vanilla, chocolate, Mocha, Lemon and Butter Rose, Rs. 80 for Choco Cranberry, Choco mint, spiced carrot and Choco chip banana while Rs. 90 is what you shell out for the red velvet, choco cream and choco orange. Some more flavours are planned for the Navaratri season, she informs.

She also mentions that all these cakes can be in regular sizes if you don’t want the cupcake variants. One can visit her Facebook page to see them for yourself or contact her on 8105207777 to place an order.

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  1. Very nice to hear. Reasonable prices too, considering the work that goes in. Baking is very complex, just need to get the process right. will spread the word.

  2. Hat’s off to Garima for venturing into a field where not many people dare to. It’s not intricate but no one wants to take a risk. Keep it up.


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