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60 years and still counting and winning hearts: Belagavi’s most popular place SHARMA’S

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By uday

Sharma’s Sweets was founded by Bhavarlal Oza and Ayodhyabai Oza in the year 1962 in Belagavi. Before starting this venture the Marwadi couple used to sell jars of buttermilk door to the doorstep to earn their daily bread and butter.

The idea of starting a Mithai business was never their cup of tea until n unless one day they started experimenting with sugar, milk, and other raw ingredients which motivated them to start off and then establish their business by the name of SHARMA with each penny they had earned n saved by doing other small work in Belagavi.

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At dawn, they used to prepare a limited amount of namkeen and sweets like Pedha’s, Ladoos, Farsaan, and Boondis but that didn’t stop people from visiting them and purchasing mithai from Sharma’s Sweets in Belagavi.

As time passed and the next generation started to evolve, the business was taken over by the second generation Mr. Shrinivas Oza, Rajgopal Oza, and Girish Oza. They started preparing a wide range of sweets that were made of fresh ingredients and were rich in flavors to attract more people and worked hard to maintain the quality.

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But most of the Belgaumites complimented them for how delicious their KUNDA is. Though we get this Unique dessert at every corner of the city as it is known as the traditional dessert of Belagavi a bunch of local fellows have given a huge thumbs up for Sharma’s Kunda which is made with fresh and good-quality Khoya and Milk.

In the 90s surprisingly a customer had sent them a postcard personally from the UK writing how much they loved their KUNDA which they had purchased for their close ones and tasted fresh n delicious despite carrying it throughout a long journey. What makes it even more special about Sharma’s Kunda is the shelf life. The Quality Khoya used to prepare this sweet makes it store for straight 8 Days without any worries which are tried and tested by themselves. Isn’t that interesting?

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Later in the year 1975, they started their fast food business of chaats which was then taken over by Mr. Girish Oza. They serve some lip-smacking chaats and are also famously known for their Kacchi Dabeli in Belagavi.

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Did you know Sharma’s were the first ones to introduce Kacchi Dabeli in Belagavi city? Yes, you read that right. It was started by the man himself Mr. Girish Oza in 1997 for the first time for all the food lovers. He thought of introducing this evergreen kacchi dabeli to their menu which became a huge success for them and Sharma’s name again came into the limelight for this tangy snack they introduced.

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Apart from Dabeli their Pav Bhaji and other Chaat items like Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, and many other dishes are loved by all the people who visit Sharma’s in Belagavi. Be it the local residents from the neighboring cities or tourists everyone has a stop at this place for a quick snack time and grab a bite of their famous Kacchi Dabeli.

Six Decades passed and now the legacy is continued by the third generation Deepak Oza, Sagar Oza, Amit Oza, and Abhishek Oza.

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