Online Food Ordering coming to town


There has been exponential growth in online commerce. After e-retailers brought the best fashion brands to doorsteps of consumers, aggregators like Zomato, TinyOwl and FoodPanda are doing the the same with gourmet delights. The next biggest segment to go online and make noise is is the Food segment.

With online food delivery players like FoodPanda, TastyKhana, TinyOwl and Zomato building scale through partnerships, the organised food business is headed for some exciting yet turbulent times.


Our cosy city Belagavi too is not left behind. Young entrepreneurs have decided to take the risk have quit jobs and as food is an essential component and there is a repeat business potential, many are trying to grab a piece of the pie of the food business.
The convenience of ordering can make some little known places which offer good food to the entire city but at the same time with almost THREE entrants almost ready to launch services in Town the competition is far more fierce. As of now we have known two names and

There are other Hotels who on their own have started their own websites which are specifically built for online ordering.

Already Foodpanda has one listing from the city and these aggregators are now trying to tap the small and the Big.

It is a welcome sign for us as the best food we love is now just a click away.

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