REVIEW: Annotsava Belagavi

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The ongoing food festival “Annotsava” organised by Rotary club of Belagum is scheduled to end here on January 20, 2015 and is being held at the CPEd Grounds.
This year the taste buds do have various options from the regular ones. annotsav
We did go to a few not so professional and Home style stalls to begin our Food Journey-
Fish- The RD’s Fish Corner stall served some amazing Goan Style Home made Prawns curry, Lepo, Fish Fry and also Chicken Xcauti. If you love fish, this is the place to go to. Also the Chicken Xacuti is awesome to taste.
The Belchick- Desi Swad- stall in the Canopy is awesome and this is what a food festoval must be for. Different tastes, like the Maushichya tupatli Kombdi(Chicken gravy in Pure Ghee) served with Hot Bhakri. The taste is authentic and far better than the usual NI masala. They also serve Gavakadchi Kombdi Rassa(chicken Gravy) awesome taste. Konanki Combo is also a good try. Their starters are also good to begin with.

The Bohri Stall at 58 is also a good option with Shami Kabab and Mutton Khicra, Falooda.

The Tambda-Pandha Rassa you have options like Stall no 38 and Kahavvaya and also 39. The Mahila Aaghadi stall is also attracting crowds.

The Missal and More, Sharma Bhel Puri, Famous Pani Puri are good in the Snacks section. The Tans Kitchen Stall No.15 serves Appe of different forms, also Bread Dosa and Indian Crunchy fries made of Rice is a good try.

All well known hotels such as Zara, Zaika, the Village, Saffron, Master Chef, Niyaz, wonder wok have their stalls.

The Hyderabadi Chai at Zara is a nice way to sip some hot tea in the cold.

Home made ice cream, Chocolates and waffle cones are also a good attraction with some unique favors. The sweet tooth also some great tarts, mousse’s to be had from Cake Walk and Wild sugar apart of the regular pastries.

There is also a good display of cars of various brands just incase you decide to take one home after having a hearty meal.annotsav-1 

Disclaimer: We have written about all that we could see and taste a bit. We might have missed on others.

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