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Fort Replica of Belagavi fort

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A team friends Mahesh Kuduchakar, Viveanand Kuduchakar, Rohit Mane, Rahul Kuduchakar, Akash Mane, Akshya mane and Vaibhav Kanbarkar have made a replica of the Belagavi fort at Gade Marg infornt of Ram Mandir, Shahapur.
Each year a new fort is made and this time they have made the replica of the very own Belgaum fort. It took them 30 days and over 6000 bricks to build this replica.

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  1. Kudos to Kuduchakar brothers, Mane brothers and Vaibhav Kanbarkar. Great source of inspiration for the typically LAZY youngsters of Belagavi. I salute you guys for your creative talent. Keep Going, All the Very Best!!


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