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Toys have always fascinated kids especially toy boats and bubble makers. In this advent of Chinese incursion of sorts on the toy market, we also have some indigenous Make in India toys which are made on a very small scale in the home.Habbiunddin belagavi toys

We just found this person, Habbiunddin Ibrahim Agakhan aged 65 years who has been selling toy boats which use candles and also the miniature boats which use camphor. Both are indigenously are made by Habbiunddin at his home and he has been doing this since 13 July 1974.

He said he started to sell the big boat at Rs.1.50 then and now he charges about Rs.70 for the same.Habbiunddin belagavi toys Habbiunddin belagavi toys

He also sells the bubble maker, a small bottle with foam base and a pipe which the kids are very fond of. There will be many who when were kids must have bought from him.

He goes about just everywhere selling these items from Jatras in neighboring districts to shopping festivals, food festivals like Annotsava.

He has some great marketing skills and convinces the kids to buy one and even says dont sit at home watching cartoon on TV but use this toy and play with it.

You can get in touch with on – 8951499931

19 thoughts on “Habbiunddin has been selling toy boats bubble maker for 41 years now – Humans of Belagavi”

  1. As a all boy I remember buy these toys from him. Now I want to buy from him for my son. So where do we get it. I had seen him at times at ramdev galli in front of Bombay dying. Is he still there. If not uday buy one for my son.

    • I cant believe he is selling his products since 41 years!!!! I know him very well. Since my childhood I have been purchasing bubble bottles from him, a regular customer you can say!! . Never till today I have purchased from any other person. He is always there wherever I go, may it be fun fair, food festival, etc etc. I refer my friends and family as well to go to him. I am really happy that people recognized his efforts and hard work. God bless him.

  2. Belgaum is a very nostalgic place specially if you lived in the Cantonment areas. Friends would envy us coz we were living amongst a lot of trees and natural beauty which they couldn’t enjoy due to the proximity of commercial surroundings that they were living close to. I had a very memorable childhood.

  3. Bhai bahut bahut Mubarak.. ALLAH apko sehath, kamiyabi, lambi umar aata farmaye.. amen
    This person is from Hosur area in Belgaum and also my neighbour.
    Nice to see him on AAB.

  4. Nice, human interest story. Please feature more such stories of people who are real heroes. They have made a difference to many lives and will inspire others.

  5. He was there all the time at my school we use to buy from him… Felt one day I found him crying at police headquarters … Few throw him out of his house… If not mistaken he stays in shahapur near hosur galli….


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