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Blame game over Bad Khanapur road But Why should Citizens suffer

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Blame game begins over why the Khanapur road has gone to dogs

We had posted a photo on our Facebook page of Khanapur Road near Foundry cluster which called as a Meteor attack, some said it to be a piece of art, it looked like a carpet design for a few, Few said it is a new way of water harvesting and few said this is a off roading track for a competition.


Name what you like but the condition of the road is pathetic not only this stretch but many parts which is being built by the PWD.

Sources in the PWD said that the state of that part of the road is due to the Water leakages in the water pipeline and there are about 10 leakages in a 100 mtr stretch.

Then when we contacted the KUWSDB they replied that,

Action has been taken to repair the leakages. But new pipeline which is being laid out side road limit i.e. outside drain could not be completed due to non clearance of front because of court cases. Efforts by PWD and Board officials to convince the owner has not given results. Unless new pipeline is completed existing old pipeline cannot be abandoned. Laying of pipeline is also being done and will be completed at the earliest. Anyway the pipeline leakages which are in the centre of road are being attended regularly and all action will be taken to complete the balance works and the existing pipeline will be abandoned.

This begins the blame game; one department shuns its own responsibility over the other and the citizens at large are the sufferers.

There is no clarity on the work and lack of coordination amongst the various departments is nothing new. Road is tarred and same day evening it is dug up for a water connection or repairs. If all is good the Telecom companies come and dig it up.

There were times when we used to say one road is bad now it is time that one is surprised to say Oh my God that road has very less pot holes. With changing times, the working of the Govt departments has not changed which is very disheartening.

The Police file FIR against innocent people for wrongful assembly after a girl was killed in an accident and they had demanded proper traffic management; so it was the citizens fault to demand their right.

The same case is here, citizens are demanding a pothole free ride which is their right but the departments are busy blaming each other.

Only the Lord can save us.

2 thoughts on “Blame game over Bad Khanapur road But Why should Citizens suffer”

  1. Belagavi was the first city in Karnataka to be chosen as Smart city. However seeing the pathetic condition of the roads is very disappointing and embarrassing. Strict action should be taken against the concerned PWD officers.

    Like Highways, tarring city roads should be privatized to bring quality and accountability.


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