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Happy Holi Belgaum wali

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Wishing all readers across the globe a very very Happy and Colorful holi.

In Belgaum from the past year the main attraction has been the Holi Milan program organized by MLA Abhay Patil on Lele Grounds.IMG 0101

Even this year Holi Milan program has been organized from 9 am. Some local residents have opposed the use of Lele grounds for other than sports.

Another unique celebration which is unique to Belgaum is the Lotangan infront of Ashwathama temple in Pangul Galli. There is an annual fest on the second day after Holi. All devotes do a “Lotangan” and water is thrown on the devotees from all the houses.

In Pangul galli, a large number devotees performed “Lotangan puja” (“urulu seve”) at Ashwathama temple to pay their respects to the epic character of the ‘Mahabharata’ on the occasion. . The temple, that houses the idol of the cursed mythical warrior, and is located in a narrow Pangul galli off Ganpat galli in the heart of the city, is believed to be the second in India.

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However, not many visit this shrine during rest of the year thanks to the curse attached to Ashwathama, who was believed to have killed the sons of the Pandavas. It is believed that seeing the idol brings bad luck.

There are only two Ashthama temples in India the other being in Madhya Pradesh. For the entire year the women cant enter the temple sanctum but tomorrow all are allowed to go in.


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  1. I May not put Color on ur face in this Colorful festival
    But I Pray to Lord 2 add more Colors 2 ur Beautiful Lyf….

    Wishing all A Vry Happy n' Colorful Holi

  2. In the suburb the holi is celebated in a unique way by installing the woodden idol of diety ( rati and kamanna).Idols are decorated with fancy dress on daily basis.This attracts lot of crowd from the near by locality.This is the only celebration of it,s type in the city limits.This is done for 5 days and ends with the rang panchami.,


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