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Belgaum after VKS

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After the magnificent three days of feast, color, dance and entertainment of the Vishwa Kannada Sammelanna city is getting back to where it was.

We might sound too sarcastic in our view but facts are facts and some facts laid down:

District incharge minister had promised the Khoka owners whose khokas were removed under the beautification drive before the VKS that before March 16, something concrete about the rehabilitation of the genuine khoka owners would be done. But till date nothing has moved an inch in this regard.

It may be recalled here that nearly more than 500 roadside khokas and kiosks in Shivajinagar near RTO Circle, Kelkarbag, Tilakwadi and Udyambag.

Has the minister forgotten his promise?

Various development works undertaken during the VKS could not be completed in time and they were all finished up in some or the other way.

Many roads are still incomplete and no one is bothered to look at them now to complete them.

As the works were done in a haste the cables laid under the road were cut and BSNL has dug up the newly laid roads to repair the same. BSNL has dug up at Sanchayani Circle and from 3 days the work is in progress the road was laid on March 10, 2011.

BSNL digs up

The Khanapur road has not been completed, from Fish market to Sanchayani Circle still it has to be properly widened and re carpeted. People say that now that the event is over no one will look at this being completed at the earliest. During March first week, work on the same road was going on 24×7 even at night.

The Sanchayani circle is now very big but as there are no dividers in place to wards Bogarves commuters have a hard time avoiding hitting each other, and the Traffic south police station is just 100 mtrs away from the spot.

Gap between the divider and road is not filled and stones have been kept on the side

The Ashok Circle near the Fort, which was known by its Ashok Circle is yet to come up and people in the area fear that, the Ashok Pillar might not come up only.

Many of the street lights have stopped functioning as to they were called for only three days. The beautifully painted walls in some areas have been repainted by spitting and some have films and other posters on them.

Hawkers who were away for a while are now back on track on the road to give you some more traffic woes.

For the three days there was abundant power supply but after VKS there was a huge power shortage due to various reasons and now we have a undeclared power cuts of about 1 hour each day. If the city could power for three days then why not now?

There are some police booths placed at many important locations but we did not see a police officer in it. In many locations where road was widened and road relaid, there are various locations where the water pipes are leaking and all water is spilling on the road but we have no one to look at it.

Many RTI activists have already filed applications to know exactly where the money has been spent and how much has been spent on infrastructure.

People visiting the city after this remake are finding the city to be very clean and neat and they get a feel of development that has happened since they left.



8 thoughts on “Belgaum after VKS”

  1. Will our beloved elected members, state minister in-charge, DC, Mayor etc etc who jolted for a seat on dais at VKS , speak up now? Wondering how do we make them accountable?

  2. And now, the game of passing the buck starts I believe. Dist. incharge got all the limelight he needed duting the 3 day event, MLA's were praised and the dist Admin lauded for their efforts. I am sre now the poor Nirvani will be held responsible for NOT maintaining the facilities like road, street lights, painted walls etc. etc.

    After the RTI's have been responded, opposition will make a big fuss abt it in the state asembly as well and the things will go on as they have been so far…

    Now, Yeddy and gang will look at Bgm only during the winter session, again new roads will be laid, new lamp posts will be put up… another 100-200 Cr will be spent…

    This is not development 🙁

  3. I think that the administration has some very good work in the stipulated time. There will be some blemishes when such works are done at quick pace. Let us not keep cribbing but support the cause. We need not have any sympathies towards illegal khokas since it is illegal. I am also surprised that Gomtesh college is untouched even though it is protruding on the road where all other houses / compounds have been demolished. All road especially arterial roads like Patil galli , fort road should be widened immediately. Whys is Deshmukh spared any guess?

  4. I really appreciate AAB in bringing the news of our BELGAUM which otherwise would not be ever heard at all,
    As said above "We may sound too sarcastic", Well more important is the issue, If we all don ask we will never quality of work by Govt (which is our right), Though its very true without VKS we'd have never seen divider or road widening at camp fish market area for another 50 years!! Yes , Some places work has to still go on, we need to be thankfull that atleast we got this much which we would'nt have ever if VKS was in some other city, I really appreciate and congratulate all who worked hard invovled in making the city look awesome! YES IT DOES SHINE NOW, I'd thank AAB for the news got to all of us but also request not become like "Tarun Bharat" which has only a pessimistic view always …

  5. Promises are made, promises were made and promises will be made
    kaun kambakth promises karta hai nebhaney key liye
    ek to yahi baat hai jo ey dauratey hain baar baar,
    lekin Belgaum ek shehar hai jo, inkey key jhoot par chulti nahin
    arey Belgaum to Mahaan hain, jo in jaison ko bhi jhelti rahi

  6. Appreciate the good work done by the team within stipulated time, programme executed for 2-3 lakhs visitors. I feel this is the success. yes, there will be small mistakes during execution, this happens everywhere [even happens in marriages]. Whoever worked for this success definitely gets good appreciation.


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