Unclean Belgaum beautiful Belgaum

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“Swach Belgaum Sundar Belgaum” I read this somewhere written by the corporation. It means Clean Belgaum Beautiful Belgaum.img_3999

While going around in the night on Thursday to see Ganpati’s I took the below photo at Kadolkar Galli-Ganpat Galli corner. All the vegetable waste is seen lying in the centre of the road. There are thousands of people moving around to see the Ganpati’s and while passing by have to close their noses and pass.

There have been huge hoardings been put up by the corporation on swine flu in which keep yourself hygienic is mentioned. But who will keep the roads hygienic?

Personal hygiene is ok but what about social hygiene. The health department should look into such matters seriously and not as part of daily routine and clean up this stuff daily.

2 thoughts on “Unclean Belgaum beautiful Belgaum”

  1. It is pity that our corporates have time to fight for topics like
    1. how to utilise the money given under road development scheme
    2. why local contractors are not getting the PWD works contracts etc.

    But they turn a blind eye to the existing works ( in this case pulling up the contractor who has been awarded garbage collection). The bottom line is that the work contract has been given out and all commissions settled and hence they now look at other greener pastures where they can look for more commissions! It is shame on we the public who elect such corporators year after year!.

  2. dear Uday, As i said earlier the officials and the belgaumites must take an initiative to keep the city clean…..togeter we can do we have one of the laziest mayor, MLA's and the hope less MP, which has done nothing till now………


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