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Belgaum city Municipal Corporation was established in 1851

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The Belgaum city Municipal Corporation Committee was established on 1 st December 1851. Now the same is called as Belagavi City corporation under the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976.
Belgaum city Municipal Corporation was the first committee to be constituted among the then Municipal Committee of Bombay Karnataka.
As early as 1851 covering a population of 23,115 and having an income of 35.460. (The Bombay Municipal Corporation was established in 1872).
This was followed by Nippani in 1854, Hubli(now Hubballi) in 1855 and Dharwad in 1856 subsequently Municipalities were constituted under the Bombay District Municipalities Act of 1901. There were Borough 
Municipalities with wider powers under the Bombay Borough Municipalities Act 1925.
During the ten years ending 1901, the income of Belgaum Corporation averaged about Rs. 5o,ooo. In 1903-4 the income was Rs. 54,500, chiefly derived from Octroi (Rs. 22,000), conservancy rates (Rs. 9,o00), and taxes on houses and land (Rs. 4,600). Expenditure amounted to Rs. 50,000, including general administration (Rs. 6,400), public safety (Rs. 2,300), conservancy (Rs. 15,900), public works (Rs. 4,000), and public instruction (Rs. 9,9oo). The average receipts of the cantonment funds are Rs. 25,000. 

Source: Gazetteer Karnataka, Bombay and Sangli, IJSR – C. M. Munnoli

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  1. Belgaum Municipal Corporation is not collecting the garbarge from our area vantamuri colony belgaum karnataka. also due to street dogs we are unable to walk around. we request you to please provide a good shelter for dogs and cow so that they stop wandering on the street and distribute the comman life. also india moves to swacchh bharat abyani

  2. Belgaum Municipal Corporation is doing good job but there is some problem regarding gutter in some of area like Ganeshpur, Dhombarwadi etc so pls i request you guys do something good for this colonies as soon as possible. thank you guys

  3. Street animals like dogs, pigs, and cows are just too nuisances to the public,to the traffic and for the health of human beings.Dog bites are on the rise. Cows laying on the street clog up the traffic or cause accidents, piglets are all over the place getting hit and their dead bodies are rotten and stinky causing health risk to the community. Animals are not meant to be on the street, they should have their own shelters. People in Belgavi are not animals to share the space with animals. If the higher authorities assigned to this task are unable or unwilling to do the job then they should be dismissed / terminated from their position so that someone else can handle the task and bring it to successful completion.

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