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How much extra weight you are putting on your neck using Mobiles?

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By Dr K S Mane

Mobile Phones


A gadget that was supposed to be controlled by humans is ironically Controlling Humans.

I had planned a trip with my school friends. We planned everything that we would do on the trip. We would relax & talk about our school days & enjoy the weekend.

So, we booked a scenic & beautiful resort & reached the place. As soon as we got out of our cars, the first reaction of everyone was “ Oh, God! we don’t have mobile network connectivity here ”

This is not a new story, it might have happened to many of us.

Mobile Phones have affected our daily to such an extent that they cause many health-related problems.


Along with the eye strain, fingers & shoulders complaints, it is also the most important cause of neck problems.

The neck carries the weight of our Brain & Skull which is around 5kg.

Every 15-degree increase in the bending of the neck increases the weight on the neck by 12.25 kg.

At 60degrees of the bent neck, we add a weight of 27.2 kg on the neck.

The increased weight causes:

neck pain

Neck muscle spasm.

Early aging of neck bones and also disc prolapse.

Which will cause weakness, numbness and tingling sensation of the arms & fingers.


* Avoid longer usage of cell phones.

* Bring the screen to your eye level than the other way round.

Let’s pledge:

We control the cell phones & Cell Phones don’t Control Us.


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  1. Excellent information on stress on neck with excess use of mobiles. I wish this should reach to all particularly young generation.


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