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Durgveer Prathisthan gives new lease of life to neglected water tanks on KALANIDHIGAD

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The neglected water tanks at KALANIDHIGAD have been given a new lease on life by the Durgveer Prathisthan. Kalanidhigad is a fort that holds great significance in the history of Chandgad taluka and the mighty Maharajas, although it remained unknown to many until recently. However, thanks to the efforts of the Durgveer Prathisthan of Chandgad-Belagavi, this fort has now gained recognition. While exploring the fort, numerous new structures were discovered and several old structures were preserved.

One particular initiative undertaken by the Durgveer Prathisthan was the restoration of the neglected water tanks located in the dense forest on the fort. Two years ago, Durgvir Babu Zhore of Dhangarwada brought one of these tanks to the attention of other Durgvirs. However, due to ongoing fortification work, the tank campaign was postponed. Finally, this year, the neglected water tanks received the attention they deserved.

In a short span of time, the large water tank, measuring 10×15 in size and filled with 6 feet of silt and stones, was cleared out. This tank, with a depth of almost 10 feet, was revived as numerous springs of fresh water were released. Additionally, the Samadhi Padukas, which were in disarray near the tank, were carefully placed back in their rightful position. This restoration will greatly benefit passers-by, tourists, and even wild animals.

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There is another small water tank located a short distance away from this tank. It features a beautifully carved sculpture of Ganesha. The Durgvirs of Chandgarh-Belgaum firmly believe that the ongoing work on these tanks will be completed soon, as part of the upcoming campaigns planned for next Sunday.

Durgveer Pratishthan is a renowned organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of 16 forts across Maharashtra. This organization has spearheaded the movement for fort conservation. One of their notable projects is the Kalanidhigad fort in Chandgad taluka, where the Durgvirs of Chandgad-Belgaum border initiated their fort conservation efforts 8 years ago.

Over the course of these 8 years, significant progress has been made in restoring the fort. As a result, fort enthusiasts and tourists from far and wide have started flocking to witness the charm of this previously unfamiliar fort. The remarkable work carried out by Durgveer Prathisthan has earned them immense appreciation from the entire Maharashtra-Karnataka border.

The efforts of the Durgveer Prathisthan have not only brought attention to the hidden treasures of Kalanidhigad but have also contributed to the preservation of its historical structures. The revival of the neglected water tanks is a testament to their dedication and commitment to the fort’s heritage.

However, it is important to note that there is still much work to be done in order to fully restore the fort. Durgveer Prathisthan is making an earnest appeal to the Shiv devotees in Chandgad-Belgaum to join their cause and contribute to this ongoing endeavor. If you are interested in participating, please contact Durgveer Prathisthan at the following numbers:

Chandgad: 9870101231, 9403109747
Belagavi: 9740103131, 9845222126

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