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Special program of Karnataka Sambrama-50 On Dec 12 at SVS Belagavi

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The state is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the renaming of Mysore state as Karnataka in 2023, a series of programs are already underway throughout the state. As part of these celebrations, a special event called Karnataka Sambrama-50 has been organized at the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha in Belagavi on December 12th at 6 pm. U.T. Khader, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, made this announcement during a press conference on December 8th.

During the conference, Khader mentioned that the chief minister and deputy chief minister had been informed about the program well in advance, and the preparations for the event have been meticulously carried out. The program will consist of a one-hour stage performance and a two-hour cultural program.

Distinguished guests, including the Governor, Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Cabinet members, MLAs, Legislative Council members, and other dignitaries, will be in attendance. Additionally, all former Speakers of the Legislative Assembly and the Chairman of the Legislative Council will be invited and honored during the event.

On December 12th, the courtyard of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha will host the renowned Alvas Virasat and Alvas Nudisiri cultural events, which have gained nationwide recognition. This occasion presents a unique opportunity for the people of North Karnataka to witness the cultural programs of South Karnataka.

An open invitation has been extended to the public from all districts, including Belagavi district, to attend the event. Adequate transportation arrangements and meals will be provided for all attendees, including students, youth, women, children, and employees.


The Suvarna Vidhana Soudha stands as a symbol of pride for the people of North Karnataka, representing the resolution of numerous challenges faced by this region. In light of the regular legislative session in Belagavi, we have taken the initiative to organize the Karnataka Celebration-50 program as a remarkable highlight. Basavaraja Horatti, the Chairman of the Legislative Council, emphasized the significance of incorporating a program dedicated to the vernacular language during the session, establishing a new tradition.

Horatti warmly invited all esteemed dignitaries and individuals to join us in this grand event. The program promises to be a captivating spectacle, with over 350 talented artists set to participate. It presents a unique opportunity for the people of North Karnataka to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage showcased through various performances.

Notably, the winter session has witnessed a decrease in the number of protests, indicating a more constructive approach. Horatti expressed his satisfaction with the healthy discussions that have taken place on a range of issues since December 4th, fostering an environment of productive dialogue, Horatti added.

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