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A Plea for Compassion: Belagavi’s Hearse Vans in Disrepair, Leaving Citizens in Lurch

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By uday

In times of grief and sorrow, the last thing one should worry about is the availability of essential services. Unfortunately, the residents of Belagavi find themselves in a distressing situation as both hearse vans owned by the Belagavi City Corporation have been out of service, leaving citizens grappling with inconveniences during funeral processes. This article sheds light on the dire state of these vital vehicles and emphasizes the urgent need for the government to address this issue.

The City Corporation of Belagavi owns two hearse vans, both of which have been rendered non-operational for an alarming period. One van has been plagued by clutch plate issues for a month, while the other has been out of commission for a week. This unfortunate circumstance has led to a cascade of challenges for the bereaved families who now find themselves compelled to rely on private hearse vans to carry out funeral proceedings.

Limited Options, Amplified Hardships:

The predicament is exacerbated by the scarcity of private hearse vans in the city, leaving grieving families with limited options. Belagavi, with a population exceeding 6 lakhs, deserves a more robust infrastructure to cater to the needs of its citizens during times of mourning. Relying on only two hearse vans, especially when they are inoperable, is a clear oversight that demands immediate attention.

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It is urgent for the government to acknowledge the severity of this issue and take swift action to rectify it. The provision of only two hearse vans for a city of such size is grossly inadequate, and it is high time that the authorities step up to address this shortfall. Additional hearse vans must be deployed to ensure that the citizens of Belagavi have access to essential services without unnecessary delays.

By providing additional hearse vans, the government can significantly alleviate the burden on the citizens of Belagavi during times of grief. A smoother transition during funeral processes is not just a matter of convenience; it is an essential aspect of providing compassionate and efficient services to the residents. It is the duty of the government to safeguard the emotional well-being of its citizens, especially during the most challenging moments of their lives.

In the face of adversity, the citizens of Belagavi are counting on their government to address the critical shortage of operational hearse vans. It is a matter of urgency, compassion, and civic responsibility. By heeding this call for action, the authorities can restore faith in the system, ensuring that the people of Belagavi receive the support and services they need during times of grief.

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