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by Biswajit Baruah

Vivek Pawar, Founder, Executive Charmian, Sankalp Semiconductor gave a talk, under My Story series of Talk initiated by KLS IMER, Hindwadi, Belagavi.

Mr Vivek brings in 20 years of industry experience in varied functions of General management, Operations, Program Management, Customer Relations and rich experience in Mixed Signal and Analog Product Design, System on Chip (SoC) Development including firmware development.

In his entire speech, Mr Pawar stressed on the facts which makes a better entrepreneur. He said, “there should be no compromise on values and integrity of a person as an entrepreneur. The values and integrity are the deepest convictions which helps a person to succeed even during his tough times.”
He also focused on team work as a means of collective effort to surge towards success. Mr pawar Insisted on making a small team to start with, but engrossed totally on ethical values, which will not only make a good foundation of any company but will also help to survive the tough times in the industry.

Mr Pawar, further adds that mentor-ship also plays an important factor to the success of an entrepreneur as an individual, because it’s the correct guidance not only in failures but also after success, which matters a lot. He stressed on having mentors in life as he says that he was guided by many mentors in life which proved to be really a boon to his success.

He highlighted a very important point during his speech, that we always do look for successful people, to get inspired and move ahead with a successful life, but there is a lot to learn from people who have failed in life. A successful person will always tell, what are the mantras for success or rather what we should we do for success, but a failed person at the same time will tell what not to do to avoid failure and get success. As human beings we are always prone to mistakes and we do learn from mistakes, but there are few people who in fact tell us the ways to avoid mistakes to go ahead in life.

Mr Pawar in his enchanting address also told about how to create an ecosystem of positivity and success. He stressed on building a positive ecosystem by keeping positive people who support you at all times, for these are the people who really uplift you during bad times and at the time of need.

He further underlined the need of leadership traits, and told that the quality of leadership is very important in life and also in the industry.
Explaining about two kinds of leaders – born leaders and made leaders that we come across many people in life. There are some who have leadership traits right from childhood, they have lead their class, school, colleges and later have hold leadership positions in their career flied. At the same time, there are people who become situational leaders. This genre are the people who act according to the situations and perform good leadership when and where needed. They may not have taken such responsibilities always in their life but when needed and may be when they feel motivated they have shown their full worth and skills of leadership.

He said a very important thing on situational leadership. Situational leadership can prove very vital if it can be tapped and groomed.

He stressed on the following qualities to be brought in an individual for leadership :

  1. Initiatives
  2. Communication
  3. Vision

Taking a step or initiating a step in any sphere needs courage and determination. As a leader one needs to take the risk to initiate or rather initialize.

Communication plays an important role, one needs to know what to speak how to speak. Until you communicate, the person in front of you wont know what are your views. In order to relay one’s views one should speak, one should communicate.

Vision – Most people do show blank faces when asked how do you feature yourself say 5-10 years from now. A leader always have a vision, he dreams and he visualizes, he makes plan for his upcoming ventures, which keeps him motivated always.

Challenge is a factor which Mr Pawar described in a different perspective. Whenever a challenge comes, people do have sense of insecurity regarding their success or maintaining their level of success, but if challenge is taken in a positive way it may prove to be the next level of success. He stressed on having people around, who can challenge, so that it can motivate us to always keep ahead of the challenger which in fact not only will help us to have a positive impact in our life but at the same time, it will make us a better person on competing levels, from the one that we were yesterday.

Mr Pawar marked some important points, which are needed for companies to succeed :

  1. Technical excellence
  2. Commercial excellence (Business leadership)
  3. Execution leadership

He further said a very important point,

Opportunities come every day, if you are clear about goals, you can open the required door of the opportunity that knocks your door”

On being asked what traits, he looks for in his partners at work, he encircled the following :

  1. Challenging
  2. Qualities better than self
  3. Complimentary
  4. Good corporate communication

He says, that he always takes some time on deciding on a partner, he believes that it takes time to understand a person personally and professionally to make him a partner.

On the Mentor and Mentee relationship, Mr Pawar lastly added that it’s the duty of the Mentee to make a better and sustainable relationship with the Mentor. The Mentor is always there to help, but it really depends on the Mentee mentality how he utilizes the time, the opportunity and learn from the Mentor.


  1. It was truly inspiring sir….
    I being start up entreprenur….people like u r role model for us….
    I just missed to attend this seasion regreting for that…..
    Thanks a lot for this article …

    • Thanks a lot deepak. Vivek Pawar Sir is truly an inspiration. I liked his words so much, that i was scribbling his speech on my notebook, during the session. Went a step ahead and thought to write an article about his speech.


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