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Just more than text books with Science & Fun classes

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‘Science & Fun’ is an initiative to gain a balance in the world of science for the children of age 6-15. The syllabus for students these days is pretty huge so the time that is spent in learning theory is far more than the time spent to do things practically.

So ‘Science & Fun’ are providing a solution to all the children who want to balance their knowledge on science and not just mugup the theory. They preach and practice science in a way easily understandable to the children.

The classes are conducted twice a week with a batch of 10-12 students. The students have fun with science n smile with the discoveries they make and so the name ‘Science & Fun’.



They conduct around 3 experiments per class so around 24 experiments in a month. So the child learns a lot of useful concepts which are as per his syallabus also the concepts which are useful in everyday life. They cover the topics from all streams of science Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Manali Godbole, a Electronics Engineer by profession and a qualified Teacher with from AIECCE(All India Early Childhood Care) has started this novel concept.

Speaking to AAB, Manali said, With a good study of child psychology and a blend of Science we surely know what is the best way to mold a scientist in a child. It is not necessary that the child has to choose a stream of science in later stages of life to attend this class. We want the child to understand the practical application of what he is studying whichever stream he/she decides to choose in the later part of life. ‘Science & Fun’ will develop the attitude required to learn.

The first class as demo class where the parents can join the child and experience the world of science.

Location Details are: ‘Isha’,#6,Dwarka Nagar,1st Cross,Mandoli Road,Belagavi Phone: 9901204874 EMail : [email protected]

Duration: Twice a week,8 classes per month

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