Mahesh foundations Ashakiran orphanage for HIV positives

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In life people are fascinated by many worldly leisures and a few others have a different dream. Mahesh Jadhav of Mahesh Foundation which runs the Aadhar orphanage which houses 40 children which includes HIV positive children whose parents have died or who have left them.

Mahesh Foundation will now open a dedicated orphanage for the children who are affected with HIV. 25 children would be identified and they will stay at the Ashakiran orphanage which will open on April 1, 2012.ashakiran

A two BHK house has been taken on rent for the purpose in Ramteerth Nagar. As the space is limited only 25 children would be taken care of and all would be HIV positives only.

Aadhar orphanage has been sustaining itself through donations from the public and it does not get any monetary support from the government.

Ashakiran, a ray if hope: would be opened on April 1, 2012 at Amma Nilaya, Plot No.1284, opposite Jain Basti, Ramteerth Nagar, Belgaum.

Sri Swami Raghveshanandji Maharaj of Ramkirshna mission Ashrama, Suresh Hundre would be the chief guests on the occasion.

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  1. Dear Mahesh you are doing a wonderful job and no words are enough to thank the gesture. I pray to God that he gives you more strength and courage. Keep going. May be it is easy for me to say a few nice things about you but the truth is that only and only YOU know the hardship you have gone through and the pain you have taken for such a noble cause. God Bless You and the Children.

  2. That’s really great Maheshji. I heard your talk on AIR Dharwad. Many people run NGO and take huge amount from Govt as grants, even private sector support them. But they only think of money, money is their target. I was working in an NGO whose moral was to make money and nothing else. Everything was done in the name of Children, Women, Old age. And on the other hand its “YOU” who is taking care of so many children without Govt support. . I remember you said on AIR, ” you pray to God to give you strength, so that you can take care of the kids who are with you”. Hats Off to you……

  3. Mr. Mahesh I have heard that you run an orphanage for children, I would like to meet you and my MD would like to arrange a donation camp. Hence I would request you to contact me as I need to discuss few points with you.

    Narayan Kamat
    General Manager,

    Hotel Rakshit International,
    Nehru Nagar Belgaum

  4. hi ,,,, was immence pleasure to visit your so called” home” with all those who are left from not only by the parents but also from society .you have given all the daily requirement s medications ,Nutritions,care as parents , express my views about in words just wanted to say god bless you with full of strength and rest what else will give you the support to you .

    you remember me or not i have visited you on 14th of Nov . from kle’s college of pharmacy , bgm.with deepak singh, dentals.

    noble causes are supported by every one in this world and they should do that.

    thanking u ,,
    umesh gupta


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