Passion for Running brings us together

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Running is an essential part of our being. Running by yourself can be lonely and boring, even with the most carefully curated playlist. It can also feel a bit scary, running solo at dusk or in the dark. You may well stick to the same safe but dull route, rather than venturing into new terrain, and keeping up the motivation to improve your speed or distance is tricky when no one’s there to see but you.

Mayura Shivalkar one of the founder of the Runtastic running club, for her running has become a large part of her life. Herself a multiple-time marathon finisher and triathlete, she says it increases stamina, if you face any difficulty, keep moving and achieve the target, destress, makes you mentally strong. Its a competition between you, yourself and not with others.

The Runtastic members after a run on Sunday
The Runtastic members after a run on Sunday

She has set out to bring the sport and social activity of running to Belagavi and want more ladies and girls to adapt running.

We caught up with the Runners to ask them a few questions –

When, how and why was this RUNTASTIC group started?

Runtastic –—–> Some of the runners have been running for the past few years. However, the group started running together since November 2015 when we were training for the Goa River Marathon to be held in December. It started as a platform to bring together all the people who were interested in running marathons

This is similar to a running group? Where likeminded persons join in and Run?

Runtastic –—–> Yes, thats correct. We also motivate and encourage those who cycle and swim.

What is the schedule?

Runtastic –—–> During the week we run every alternate day at 6 in the morning though. Some of us run in the evenings too. It all depends on the individuals comfort.

We do get together and run a distance of 15-20 kms every Sunday morning at 6 am. The route is finalised a day prior to the run with everybody’s consent.

Runtastic after a successful Marathon run
Runtastic after a successful Marathon run

What’s your favorite part about the running community?

Runtastic –—–> We have runners from diverse walks of life and different age groups the youngest being 16 and the oldest being nearly 50 years of age. We have Malaysian girls from JNMC.
The passion for Running brings us together. Pre- run training and post run celebrations are fun times in this community. Running together motivates and helps us improve both physically and mentally.

The mantra that keeps you going in your runs.

Runtastic –—–> Crossing the finish line.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you see runners make in terms of their pre and post workout nutrition?

Runtastic –—–> Pre run carb loading and hydrating is important. Also one has to pay attention to the salt and sugar level in one’s body.

What are your favorite go-to foods or fuel WHILE you’re out on the trails?

Runtastic –—–> Bananas and water. Electrol helps a lot too. Depends on the physical strength of each individual.

Some tips for starters who aim to run long distances

Runtastic –—–> Start slow and increase your mileage each week. Do Run regularly.

The one food item you crave for after a hard run.

Runtastic –—–> Chocolate milkshake and protein based food. Mostly chicken/ boiled eggs.

Belagavi does not host regular Marathon events. Your views

Runtastic –—–> Training for and running a Marathon isn’t for everyone as one has to run a total distance of 42 kms. These are expensive affairs and take months of intensive planning to actually host a marathon. What we do have in Belgaum are fun runs for a distance of 1/3/5 and 10 kms. If more sponsors come forward Belgaum will be able to host a full marathon as we have many interested runners here.

Have you been involved in some events.

Runtastic –—–> We havent been actively involved but plan to host some events soon. We should have more running events to bring the community together.

Future plans as a group?

Runtastic –—–> Our aim is to create awareness in Belagavi about the overall health benefits of swimming, running and cycling.

We have friends who are training for the triathlon and half/ full marathon and various cycling events. So, our focus is mainly on this. The Marathon season is between August and February

Can anyone interested join if this is a open group give an email id orelse u can drop this question?

Runtastic –—–> If people are really interested they can drop a message on our FB page Belgaum Hill Racers or Runtastic .

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