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Pune’s Yewale Amruttulya Tea now in Ganapat Galli Belagavi

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This Pune chaiwala who makes Rs.12 lakhs a month, yes Yewale Amruttulay  (Amrut means Nectar, and Tulya means Comparable, so “Amrut Tulya” means “Comparable to Nectar”.) 

uses 1,000kgs of sugar and 300kgs of tea powder every month, now will open its franchisee outlet at Ganpat Galli (Kadolkar Galli – Ganpat Galli junction) Belagavi on November 16.

16-year-old Dashrath Yewale came to Pune from Purandar and starts selling milk to earn a living, and then develops an idea of setting up a tea stall. Dashrath rents a shop in Pune’s Camp district to sell tea and in 1983 as Ganesh Amruttulya. Each cup priced at a humble Rs. 10 in Pune could remain the same here as well.

Now there are more than 33 branches of Yewale Amruttulya and now it will also open its doors outside India. They plan to open 100 branches soon.

yewale-tea-belgaumDashrath Yewale owned two buffaloes and used to sell milk to run the household and he was passionate about making tea. He had acquired plenty of experience while worked in a tea shop. That experience came in handy when my father decided to open his own tea shop on M.G. Road in partnership with one of his friends. The principal capital was the extra milk that would remain after selling the daily stock. The tea business soon flourished and my father bought another pair of buffaloes.

Yewale Chaha truly came into being in 1983. That year, they purchased their own shop in Salisbury Park. ‘Ganesh Amruttulya’ soon became Pune’s favorite tea destination and with changing times, baked delicacies such as Khari, Biscuits, Nan Katai, and Cream Roll also became an integral part of Punekars’ Amruttulya experience.

After a thorough research, the amazing taste that would become the identity of ‘ Yewale Chaha’ was fishtailed in 2017.

The entire process of making tea has been standardized, by using the same proportion of milk, tea and sugar across all the branches. While the boiling of tea is set to seven minutes, the milk is boiled twice before being used for tea.

The secret of Yewale Chaha’s success lies in its unmatched taste and its credit goes to each and every member of the Yewale family. It’s not often that you find an entire family devoted to their business. The Yewale siblings passionately came together to collectively create an outstanding brand. They have been working hard and the hard work is paying off.

Today, Yewale Chaha is taking big strides in business but they have not forgotten their humble roots. The Yewale Chaha success story is a testimony to the fact that hard work and honesty always pays off.

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