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Pyaas foundation takes up construction of Amte Lake

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PYAAS FOUNDATION who have successfully rejuvenated 4 lakes this year took up an uphill task of rejuvenation of a Lake at Amte Village Khanapur Taluka. The village of Amte is nestled in the Jamboti forest area and is bestowed with adequate rainfall, however like many of the villages there is no stratagem and the water flows away.

The villagers of Amte have been facing severe inconvenience due to dearth of drinking water supply. Amte has a population of about 2,600 villagers, who have to travel distant locations in search of water. Located near Jamboti in Western Ghats, Amte receives adequate rainfall during rainy season. But as there are no dams or much lakes in the region, the water drains off and during summer, the villagers face the heat.

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PC: Prasad Parmaj

A few villagers of Amte had approached Pyaas Foundation and discussed about the problem. A delegation of Pyaas recently visited Amte and found the condition very pathetic. The members of the delegation spotted a small valley in a land owned by the local Gram Panchayat (GP).


After discussions with GP members and studying the place, it was found that the valley can be turned into a lake and a few streams of water and fountains from neighbouring areas can be turned to it.

Pyaas Foundation commenced the construction work of a new lake at their village which is expected to give them permanent relief from the drought problem during summer season.

The project was started in the presence of noted businessman Shri Prasanna Ghotge and the work is said to take more than a month.

The valley is around 40 feet deep and the area is approximately one and half acre. There are tons of rocks and mud which will be used to construct the dam at the mouth of the valley, thus it will be like a bowl with an outlet.

The cost of the lake is yet to be estimated, said Pyaas Foundation President Dr Madhav Prabhu.



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  1. Hats off to you guys. You all deserve a well appreciation for all the hard work and time spent in doing a noble cause towards humanity. God bless you all immensely. Keep the good work going…..


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