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In summers Water is priority over bread in Yamnapur

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The villagers of Yamanapur 4 kms from Belagavi city within the limits of the city corporation have tough time to get water in the summer, sometimes they have to prioritize to earn the daily bread or to fetch water for themselves.

It is a daily scene for the villagers to see those dry taps and each day they hope water will flow but its a dream, but once the water rushes down the taps it is a mad rush to fill all that they can with water. They have just 10 minutes deadline for them, to fill the drinking water in their containers. And if they miss the chance, they will face a `dry day’, which means a day without drinking water.


With 10 minutes of water supplied hardly 4-5 pots can be filled and this water is used for drinking alone. For satisfying the other water needs they have to approach a public well constructed by Hindalco located on the other side of the village besides Pune – Bengaluru National Highway.

The survival of most of them depend on their daily income. But during summer, they have no option but to compromise and adjust with the timings provided to them for fetching water from the public well once in three days.

2 thoughts on “In summers Water is priority over bread in Yamnapur”

  1. Truly Achhe Din for the people. We cannot provide basics like Water, Power, Roads, and Drains and talk about Smart cities.

  2. I remember when i and my father used to fetch water from the hindalco public tap every early morning couple of years ago…. as i m not in town now my father still does this. Its gets too difficult as the summer progress. Seriously i dont know why we vote if we still have to ask questions about what is being done about our tax money….. sad


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