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Rambo Circus for the kids

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Rambo Circus is in town at CPed Grounds Club Road and drawing good crowds in week ends and Tuesdays. Rambo Circus was founded in 1991 by P.T. Dilip and travels across India. The introduction of tough animal rights laws in India and abroad have limited the use of animals in circus acts. The current team here is 150 people which includes 60 women, 4 elephants, 9 horses, 1 camel, 1 pony, 1 Australian dog and parrot.

The Rambo Circus show is of 2 hours 10-15 minutes duration and the seating arrangement on plastic chairs for all classes is decent. The peculiar olfaction of the Circus is got as soon as one enters the Circus gates. The current tent of the circus is said to be fire proof and water proof, but a few people the other day were seen with open umbrellas as water was dripping.rambo belgaum

Now coming to the main acts and presentation. The over all impact of the circus was AVERAGE and nothing spectacular to mention. The foreign African acrobats (4 males) were decent in their acts but not extra ordinary. The animal acts also were nothing good to mention except the Dog show which was lovely for the kids and the usual Elephant hitting the big footballs in the crowds. The Camel only took part in the march past. The pony and the horse show (only 1 came in the act when there were 4) was below average. The parrot was not visible to us in the show we saw, maybe it was not keeping well.
The juggling acts with Squares, triangles, globe etc was something new and amazing. The most disappointing was the clowns or jokers who never made anyone laugh at all. In fact there was no laughter in the entire show for which many had come.
The one act where the clowns called in the children from the live audience to do skipping was far more better and may be people enjoyed it more, as their siblings were in the center of the stage.

Even after all this watching the circus and watching the live acts than the edited ones on TV is always a good experience and especially for the current Nobita and Doremon kids generation. The food service is one thing to be applauded of. After every 15 mins you have a new dish/product to eat or sip and each time the kid with you will demand one like popcorn, lays, sugar candy, soft drinks, Vada Pav and the list goes on.

The circus has three shows 1,4 and 7 pm. Watching it at 7 pm gives one more pleasant lighting effects visually.
Many people we spoke to after the circus said that Gemini circus which was here last year was much more interesting and full of laughter.
It’s a once a year affair and we would seriously urge parents to go for this. If you are wondering whether its good or not our answer would be this is your only bet to show your kids the circus and like we have said they are not judgmental and don’t understand good or bad, international or local, they understand fun & experience. So go ahead and ENJOY!!!


5 thoughts on “Rambo Circus for the kids”

  1. Wrong wrong wrong! why only for Kids???????? The topic and heading is way wrong.. it should be “RAMBO CIRCUS, The only 5 left in India” .. 🙂 ABB come on.. Very wrong!!! get some editors, people who know stats.. and the real stuff! 🙂

  2. Uday was Gemini circus better which came last year. I happened to see that. I felt it was good. Specially the African dance. The clowns were good too.

    • On a whole yes the Gemini circus was better than the current Rambo circus and same has been mentioned in the article as well. When a 6 year old can recollect what she saw last year and then tell this was not shown this year one automatically gets an answer of sorts.. but for kids it is a show to be shown better than Nobita for sure


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