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gacchi-belgaum-1With many new eating places open in town we decided to review a few.

And our first stop on the list was Gacchi Open Deck Multi-cuisine Restaurant on Khanapur Road, after Khsema Inn near Utsav Hotel.

Decor: Our entry into the hotel grounds is dramatic, with lights in the passage guiding us to the first floor with wooden stairs.

The restaurant is basically divided into 2 parts: Island bar Open Deck and AC hall. The AC hall is quite long and huge and decent seats.

The open deck is also a nice place to unwind, where we did unwind. The tables had those little LED lamps in between below the glass which was good to see.gacchi-belgaum-2

Food: The menu is comprehensive and not fancier than expected. Except for the THAI cuisine part at the end of the menu. Thai Soups and Curry.

We tried our hands on the Thai soup(75) which was good enough but could have been better.

However we were surprised with the Murg Dum Kabab at Rs.190 which is served in a sealed Matka(earthen pot). The Chicken was soft and juicy and had that little bit of Indian sauce like gravy. We also the tasted the VEG counterpart and that too was similar in taste.gacchi-belgaum

After this we thought of tasting the most favorite dish of eveyone, Biryani(160), which to our surprise was again served in a Matka and had boneless pieces and each grain of rice had a similar color and bit spicy and not like the regular Dum briyani or the Tava Biryani.

The Indian dishes and the Chinese dishes were good and nothing great to pen about. The bar also was quite adequately stocked and service was on time but we guess the delivery time could be improved so is the Steward. Steward must have proper knowledge about the day’s menu and what goes in what and what is best, we guess which lacked.
The cutlery used was good and clean.
The desserts’ menu can be better and something special could be added.
Gacchi- Khanapur Road, near Utsav hotel.
Meal for two: Approx 600+

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