When will cops show their social media presence

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With changing times, each one is embracing new technologies to reach to the people. Narendra Modi’s victory also had a fair share of his publicity on social media.

The Police department and infact Modi has asked all department to make more use of social media to reach to the people.

Belgaum/Belagavi police also tried to embrace themselves with technology and made their social media debut under SP Sandeep Patil a Traffic Police Page was created on May 9, 2011. Then only a few police departments in the country had such social presence.
The response to the page was very encouraging but sadly it died with no responses from Cops side to the huge complaints from the citizens.
Recently the Commissioner of Police Belgaum city (Nov 2014) also opened a new page. But no updates there either.

The citizens suddenly had multiple platforms to express their concerns and woes with the prayer that there would be someone at the other end, waiting to take note of the same and to address the prevalent issues.

Is this a gimmick that had done its deed and needed no more attention or was it just a change in the party at the helm of affairs, is a mystery for us to ponder over and maybe eventually learn to accept.
While most commoners are addicts when it comes to Facebook, one can only guess that Facebook failed to instill similar habits to facilitate discussions and exchanges that would have mattered the most.
Have we just earned ourselves another spell of silence? We guess only time will tell. Till then it’s just you and we here at AAB and our endeavor to provide a much needed vent to the voices in town that have a lot to say about what needs to be done to make life much better in our own sweet spot in one little corner of the blue planet.

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  1. The problem with Police department is that they dont have technical staff to update/modify the changes and still the policemen of rank Constable or Head constable serve as IT support to the department. If these policemen are entitled to work full time on these they definitely do the required things but the fact is that they will be posted to some bandobust duties many times and in peace they require to do the IT things.


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