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Salads for heart and soul at Farm to Fork

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The recent trend of subscription fit food that is creating a buzz elsewhere is now buzzing in Belagavi as well, with Farm to Fork’s The Pantry.

One can preempt committing to at least one healthy meal a day. Following a healthy meal on a daily basis can be a challenge for most individuals. The staff at home might not know to toss a meal in interesting ways or make healthier meals with less oil. Sometimes your cook goes on  a long leave and the client slips off the wagon and is unable to follow a healthy meal pattern.

Subscription meals are a boon. The entire menu is planned with the help of professionals and chefs who have the expertise to toss up tasty and healthy meals.

Maximizing yields, has taken us back to demanding for organics, which unfortunately are sold at a premium. Our country, state or even our very own city, have excellent quality raw products, however they are exported or sold to the highest bidder.

Salads for heart and soul at Farm to Fork’s The Pantry Belagavi
Our age is diverting towards a far complex way of living and have forgotten that basic food products provide us with more than sufficient nutrition and a balance in our diet.

FARM TO FORK – a cause and it’s origin

According to the recommended dietary allowance, our customary Indian diet lacks Protein and a good balance of macronutrients. They ensure that all the essential nutrition is covered in our meals.
The meals have a high protein content, for a perfect satiety factor, complex carbs to aid easy digestion and a decent proportion of vegetable fibres to cover the necessary minerals and vitamins. Use of rice bran oil, in strictly limited quantities, as it contains omega 3.

Salads for heart and soul at Farm to Fork’s The Pantry Belagavi

Speaking to AAB, Aneesh Prabhudesai, one of the co-founder said,

It all started, when Siddharth Dandin, who hails from a house of doctors, and also a fitness enthusiast decided to source some fresh vegetables for himself from the huge number of green houses and vegetable farms surrounding Belagavi.
He opened the eyes of two hospitality experience enriched friends Atish Agrawal (The chef trained under a Michelin star pro) and Aneesh Prabhudesai.
With the sudden surge of restaurants and an absence for a health centric or a basic nutritious meal in Belagavi. We decided to offer our concept to the entire city, what started off with only Salads, later moved on to healthy Protein meals, and other variations which are widely famous in Belagavi.

Aneesh further said,

The concept is picking up extremely well, and yes we think belgaumites don’t have to wait to plan a trip to a metro to enjoy a healthy and appetizing meal.

Salads for heart and soul at Farm to Fork’s The Pantry BelagaviSalads for heart and soul at Farm to Fork’s The Pantry Belagavi

They aim at batch produced and non stored food products, hence the name FARM TO FORK. Each product is made from freshly sourced vegetables from farms in and around Belagavi, also organic (when available).
This sourcing was critical as it forms the crux of our diverse meal requirements and to ensure a fresh and consistent supply.
Their team is formed by proactive young individuals, possessing over a decade of international hospitality experience.
The Chef & Owner himself has trained and worked under a Michelin star world renowned Chef. That can assure you, that healthy meals are not necessarily boring.

Salads for heart and soul at Farm to Fork’s The Pantry Belagavi

‎Currently their menu boasts of preparations which change and rotate on a daily basis. They are targeted at health conscious individuals who need calculated macro nutrients with proteins and carbs in precise grammage. However they can be equally appetizing as CHEAT MEALS (junk food) with great nutrients minus the negatives.

‎Presently they offer the following on a daily basis
•Veg Protein meals (upon prior request)
•Pan seared Chicken
•‎Non Veg Protein meals
They are available at various pickup points across the city and also through our delivery partner.

Their meals are now available for pickup at:
USM store, JNMC campus, Coffee shop, JNMC campus, The pantry, a Farm to Fork pick up point at Tilakwadi beside Big Bazaar

And also the convenience of door delivery through our delivery partner Hangry Oye on 7090790034.

To get in touch with then call +91 9663057714 or follow their FB page The Pantry, Belgaum

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