Farmers of Kanbargi Village protest Land acquisition

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On Saturday, various farmers from Kanbargi area protested against the BUDA for the acquisition of 160 acres of land for a housing project.

Farmers protested along with their cows and buffaloes demanding that the Belagavi urban development authority drop the plans of acquiring 160 acres of land in the village that borders the city to turn it into a residential layout.

kanbargi-farmerFarmers said they had fertile land and their livelihoods would be affected after the land is acquired.

kanbargi farmer1The process of compensation is also very less and the time taken for the same is also very long.

They demanded that the plan to acquire the 160 acres of land be scrapped.

Some farmers from Kanbargi have warned that they would hang themselves if their fertile land was acquired.
Farmers and families from Kanbargi village had given a statement that they would commit suicide if their fertile agricultural land is acquired by BUDA.

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  1. Smart city has to have smart people to choreograph it , manage it run it by the rules. Rules and regulations are made but not enforced, take for an example of garbage trucks collecting the garbage from house to house with prerecorded slogan saying keliree keliree or suniye suniye, but no one pay any attention to it, ears of hearers have become deafened, and no one ever get punished for throwing out their garbage wherever they feel like throwing it. Another example is for 2 wheelers to wear helmets as they ride ,but not many follow the law which is in effect yet most of them are riding without any hesitation knowing that if they are cought by policeman little bribe will free them. Currption is the central issue, which need to be addressed and drastic action should be taken for those who don’t abide by the law.
    Planning for infrastructure should be such that every aspect of the project should be coordinated so each phase to proceed smoothly for example, if some thing need be installed underground , cables for t.v. for electricity,and pipes for water supply or plumbing need to be installed and hurried instead of each company coming at different time to dig it up and bury it then the next company doing the same over and over.

  2. Atleast leave farmers they are the one where we get food from first of all improve in cities maintain greenery what a bull shit master plan and buda plan all the politicians will earn wht farmers should do think smart be smart the city automatically becomes smart


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