Sarayu the Bikerni from Belgaum

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Leather jackets, motorcycles and black boots — no these aren’t biker boys you’ve seen frequently on the streets. This is a bunch of biker girls whose zeal for biking has brought them together. Meet the law student, Ms.K.R.Sarayu who’s part of Bikerni, the country’s first all-women motorcyclist association.

sarayuproSarayu is originally from upcountry Mudhol near Bagalkot, but she has spent 5 years in Belgaum and all her best friends are from here. She just finished her law from R L Law college, Belgaum.

Biking has been her passion. The longest ride she has done earlier was Belgaum-Bangalore-Ooty-Calicut-Goa- Belgaum in 2009 Jan when she had gone to RTMC Rider Mania. Other than that she has been to Goa several times (including Rider Mania 2010) and a few times to Pune and Panchgani and other nearby places.

This first journey by women bikers to Khardung La is being telecast as a six-episode series Bindass Riders on UTV Bindass channel. The group also spent time river rafting, rock climbing and rappelling during the expedition. 10 girls set out to prove when they buckled up, put their helmet visors on, tightened their gloves and thumped their mighty Royal Enfields’ to set out on a ride that is reputed to be one of the most difficult in the world – a ride from Delhi to the Khardung La, the highest motorable pass in the world at 18,350ft above mean sea level.

Vivel Active Fair presents Bindaas Riders powered by Royal Enfield, showcases the journey of these 10 women as they undertake this difficult journey and face their fears in an attempt to clear the biggest obstacle they face in their daily lives; themselves. In a country, where a girl still gets stared at while walking alone on a street, these 10 riders embark on this remarkable journey. The show goes on air from the 25th November. The duration of show is 6 weeks, spread over 6 episodes.

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The idea of women travelling a route on bikes that is considered among the toughest is novel enough. But it is the stories of many of these bikers that make the show extraordinary. Without the drama, politics or competition to emerge at the top, the usual factors associated with reality shows, Fair Riders saw these women, members of the women-only bikers group, Bikerni, work as a team to overcome their fears and make it to their destination.

Vega Helmets, Belgaum were the helmet sponsors for the event.

AAB was the first media to write about Sarayu and her biking interest way back in 2008.

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