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Vote for your Belgaumite of the Year 2011

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Here is your chance to VOTE for your favorite Belgaumite as the’s Belgaumite of the Year 2011

Now you can vote for your personal favorite and see him as this year person of the year 2011.




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Rohan Konkane –The Skating champ for getting his name in to the Guinness book of World records for the farthest distance limbo skating under cars is 38.68 metres (126 ft 11 in).





R K Patil, CEO Vayavyalabs Belgaum– got his company USD 1 million of funding from IAN and helped Belgaum to come on the global semi conductor map.




Atish Jadhav – The specially abled child, for winning the Gold medal in 400 Mtrs Freestyle at the Special Olympics at Athens.




sandeep patil1

Sandeep Patil IPS, Superintendent of Police Belgaum: For his work in the city and reaching out to the people by programs such as Janata Darshan, being very strict on Matka lobby and maintaining law and order.



Voting ends on January 02, 2012 and results would be announced in the following week.

Event:’s Belgaumite of the Year Award 2011

Owner of the Event: [AAB]

Event management: Personnel from AAB or appointed/engaged by AAB, who are responsible for the conduct of the Event, includes the jury appointed by AAB.


    • Any individual who has contributed significantly to the welfare of Belgaum in th year 2011.

    • Any individual from Belgaum who’s achieved a significant feat in the year 2011.

    • Any individual from Belgaum who’s brought laurels and fame to Belgaum in the year 2011.

    • Any individual who has made Belgaum proud in the year 2011.

    Contestants: Top 15 (if available) Applicants short listed after evaluation by the Initial Jury in Phase 1.

    The Top 15 ((if available) will be announced by AAB on on 14th December. Further to this announcement, should the public of Belgaum feel they have names of outstanding achievers who they feel have made significant strides towards securing this award and are not in the initial list of contestants, their names along with their achievements may be sent on or before 14th December 2011 by email to [email protected]

    Nominees: Based on the emails received from the readers in the form of nominees that need to be awarded, all nominees achievements and profiles will be carefully evaluated by a hand picked jury chosen by A filtered list of three-ten nominees chosen by the AAB jury will be put on on the 23st of December 2011 for publicvoting.

    Winner: One Event Winner would be arrived at through evaluation by the Final Jury and by means of online voting by the public from 24st December 2011 to 02nd January 2011.

    The Prize: The prize would be in form a certificate or a memento

    Initial Jury: Group of persons selected by the Event management company & AAB who will evaluate the Applicants, Contestants and Nominees.

    Final Jury: Group of persons selected by the Event management & AAB who will evaluate the Finalists.

    Conditions: All the decisions taken by and its jury will be final and binding. 

    42 thoughts on “Vote for your Belgaumite of the Year 2011”

    1. guys pls vote for one and only the Best SP we have seen in our generation Mr.Sandeep.Pati,IPS,
      I will definitely motivate my SON to be like him…

    2. the unbelievable efforts were taken by ROHAN KOKANE to be a Guinness record holder……. i wish him a good luck 4 future and pray god to bless him.. we still hiope again let our rohan create some more miracles 4 BELGAUM and our country as well …… good luck…………..

    3. It's amazing, a tiny tot reaching such great heights so early in his long life journey. Rohan Ajit Kokane is sure to earn many more laurels in the years to come. I wish him Perennial Success.
      Dr Ulhas D Bongale, Bangalore; M: 9845158424; e-mail: [email protected]

    4. I Vote for Shree Patil for his efforts & success in bringing I T in Belgao into the GlobalMap. I am also proud of Shri Atil Patil for the Gold in Olympics.

    5. The unbelievable efforts were taken by ROHAN to be a Guinness record holder……. We all wish him a good luck 4 future and pray god to bless him.. We still awaiting for some new Records, and Miracles let our Rohan create
      4 BELGAUM and our country as well …… good luck………….. Namita Rane [email protected]

    6. Difficult choice indeed ! Each one deserves to be votes – as – each represents true spirit of Belgaumite – but iI chose to vote for SP Patil – IPS – since we need more such officials to make the citizen's life better.



    7. I voted for Atish Jadhav…For his confidence and msg to us as we were all fine but could not able to push in that direction.and Sandeep sir and R K Patil sir are showing their responsibly towards society.But i appreciate Rohan effort to make belgaum stand on Guinness book of records…Quite hard to vote

    8. I suggest the name of Mr. Hundre. He owns an industry worth the name and vows that he has not paid a single rupee as bribe. We need honest people. Not the ones who can arrange Belgaum Bandh and continue in the post.
      Mr. Hundre perhaps pays highest amount of income tax in the city though there may be many hundreds richer than him.

      • Yes ,Even i Belive.Hundre Sir Simple Personality,always thing of good of society,generous as compare to R.K.Patil ,Mr.Hundre is the one who is to be added in the list

        • We are talking about achievements in 2011 alone. And hence shortlisted names. When we had asked for nominations we did not get many.
          This is for the year 2011. No doubts on the name u have mentioned he is an ICON to be followed.

          • Compare to reality and facts there are so many other names to be added well before R.K.Patil ; who had carried name fame to Belgaum city on Global Level.If you are referring data port information available Mr. Kulkarni from IT sector is the one ,who should have priority in the list businessman.Mrs. Vidya & Narendra Murkumbi is another name.

    9. Deshpande, 86, to run in Mumbai marathon
      V Anand, TNN Jan 13, 2011, 06.39am IST

      MUMBAI: Running came late in the life of Srikrishna D Deshpande. But 21 years later, the septuagenarian continues to follow his passion.
      Ms. Rajshri Bhise Age 45 Years winner of 8 gold Medals, Tandvi Doodannavar Marvelous achievement in 2011 also to be entered in this list .their achievement is self portrait of their peronality

    10. My vote goes to Rohan ,Really its an unbelievable achievement in such small age. Keep going on! My best wishes are always with you.

    11. hi iam RAM JAMBOTKAR

      the only sugeesion i would like to give to the commissioner of belgaum and s p poloce regarding street light facilitires in ourr green belgum city see in the night a small light are seen nobody is seeeing infrant of vehicle due high focuss and no street light darkely a 100 volt bulbs are providing just tell him both commisioner and sp to visit the street of belgaum in the nifht and take immediate steps to avoid acident especialy iii rd gate to bogarves conress road etc and arrange to tell both officers to stand three police man in udambag every circle to control the traffic and accident only vip persons visited in belgaum only police will available and this will be our last comment to give you

      try be a moral about our rich belgaum and these are very much necesity og belgaum

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