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Science Hack Day India 2018 – Belagavi

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October and November are the months to rejoice for many reasons, vacations, beautiful season for outings, festivity, colorfulness, brightness amidst the fog etc. One more reason adding up to this season is the three-day event of Science Hack Day India hosted in Belagavi at a serene vicinity of Sankalp Bhoomi.

Science Hack Day India, hosted by Belagavi Makers Space at the wilderness of Sankalp Bhoomi is coming up with Season Three starting 2/11/2018 to 4/11/2018. This time with additional workshops both for college students and High School students.

Infinite parent/teachers seminars have been preaching that academics should not be overrated. Every child is born with a talent and there should be recognition and nurturing of the same. However, on the other hand, there are schools that are coming with concepts wherein academics is made interesting with hands-on projects. This culture is now swinging under the banner “Do it yourself”. Especially with subjects like science, all the concepts are just around us and we are practically dealing with at every step of life, right from Salt creates moisture, air pressure, food that we eat, germination etc. The same stuff, when printed in books and asked in a questionnaire, becomes a nightmare and difficult to answer. Academics is all about knowledge and not grades and hence under the roof of Science Hack Day India, various streams come together to create, nurture, develop, innovate and enjoy the making of it.

Science Hack Day India 2018 belagavi

@ Science Hack Day India, it does not matter whether you are an engineer or a commerce student, you are an architect or a program developer, what is of essence is that there is an urge to learn, create, collaborate and help each other create something that was once only visualized. Science Hack Day India 2016 came up with robotic solar tracking panels, Science Hack Day India 2017 got a bamboo dome that was initially started by only 10 architects but at the end of the event, every participant had contributed to the huge structure. There are numerous such memories, the dancing water ball, jumping on a non-newtonian liquid with basic ingredients of cornstarch and water was all fun.

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Registrations are now open for hacking and workshops @ Science Hack Day 2018. Due to limited availability of space ,the seats are limited and hence the tickets are issued on first come basis.

Highlights of SHD India 2018

  • Science/Technology hack activities guided by mentors from different fields

  • 3D Printing

  • Geodesic Dome Planetarium

  • Science Art Installations

  • Science Demos

  • Aeromodelling/Aeroshow

  • Laser Hacks


  • WORKSHOP I : Science Toys and Soldering Workshop

    • Suitable for 5th to 10th standard students

  • WORKSHOP II : Microcontroller Programming with Arduino

    • Suitable for 7h to 10th standard students

  • PYTHON WORKSHOP I : Python 101 for beginers

    • Suitable for College Students of science and engineering background and teachers

  • PYTHON WORKSHOP II : Science and Engineering Experiments with ExpEYES – Python powered Science Lab

    • Suitable for College Students of science and engineering background and Physics/Electronics teachers

For any additional information or registration get in touch with our volunteers mentioned below:

  • Praveen Patil +91 94825 43803

  • Rahul Khanolkar +91 99866 89985

  • Rupa Ghadi +919449308975

  • Gautam Samant +91 9845470292

Last year we had several donors who wished to sponsor tickets to under privileged children and we did accommodate children from rural area through such sponsors. We had several science enthusiasts, educationists, industrialists and philanthropists who not only invested money but time to execute this event and we are extremely thankful. We look forward for more such people to join us in our journey to make science not only important but interesting.


Science Hack Day India 2018

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