Shefali’s Eco friendly lanterns this diwali

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The 19-year-old artist Shefali Rajesh Pawar thought of taking her passion of arts and crafts a little more professionally and she has made popular eco friendly Deepawali lanterns (Kartik). She has been doing this over the past tow years but it was limited only for her family.

shefali pawar
Shefali Pawar with her beautiful creations
This PUC II Commerce girl student fell in love with a handicraft since her childhood. And it was her mother Lalana who encouraged Shefali in sharpening her skills in it.
Shefali said that she has been participating in various art competitions since her childhood, bagging huge number of prizes till date. She said that she has bagged more prizes in competitions – Rangoli, best out of waste, Greeting card making, dance and more. The best out of waste part was taken more seriously by her, after several people appreciated her art.

shefali-lanternsShefali recalled, `I use to present gifts made by me to my friends like lantern, greeting cards, designed envelopes, chocolate boxes, key holder boxes and more. Fascinated towards my art, my friends encouraged me to become professional in it. And thats how I started.’ She said that she was against plastics or any raw materials which may prove harmful to eco system. Hence she uses only eco-friendly raw materials for preparing her handicraft, which she either purchases from Pune or from local market.

`Last year, I started making only wool made lanterns during Deewali and they became very popular. This year, I have 12 different varities of eco friendly lanterns,’ Shefali said. She said that the lanterns more in demand are – Wood finish, Star triangle, Wool made, Cloth paper lanterns.

Shefali has not undergone any course or training, all is from self learning. She is now helped by her 2 friends Ankita Patil and Pranav Gawalkar in making and marketing her products. Ankita helps in making the products whereas Gawalkar in marketing and delivering the products. Most of the marketing of her products is being done through social media networking.

You can contact her on  +919739858128

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  1. Congratulations Miss Shefali ! We have spent more than 35 years in Belgaum and now staying in Pune. Your keen interest in preparing eco friendly lanterns and other items, induced me to write few lines. Thanks to ‘ all about belgaum ‘. I wish every success to your hobby and pains taking efforts.


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