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Bidding open for Contract for Up-Scaling 24 x 7 Water Supply in Belagavi

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Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance Corporation Limited (KUIDFC) has opened Bidding for Cost Effective and Sustainable Up-Scaling of Continuous (24 X 7) Pressured Water Supply, Its Operation and Management in BELAGAVI.

The bidding will be conducted through International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures specified in the World Bank’s Guidelines. The Request for Proposal (Bidding document) is available online from 24 October 2016 to 22 December 2016.

The World Bank assistance is expected during the first 6 years of the Contract period.

The key project activities include financing goods, works and services to improve water supply systems in BELAGAVI (Belgaum) to 24X7 by investing in improved capacity to meet water demand, reduced non-revenue water, network expansion, setting up of city level water institution (SPV) and hiring an operator for the City to strengthen and manage the systems for a longer duration (12 years).

achieve the project development objective to “Improve water service quality to a continuous supply (24×7) in BELAGAVI (Belgaum) City in the state of Karnataka, through the establishment of institutionally and financially sustainable service delivery arrangements at ULB level”. The operator will also strengthen the city level institutions. The project will support the state in strengthening the urban water sector. It is intended that the G.O.K, through loan assistance from World Bank, would finance up to 70% of total Contract amount including the transition costs. The remainder and the O&M costs will come from the ULB.

The Authority intends to procure the “Services of Operator for Cost Effective and Sustainable Up-Scaling of Continuous (24×7) Pressured Water Supply, its Operation and Management in BELAGAVI (Belgaum) City of Karnataka, India”.

Contract period is intended to be 12 years, consisting of:

One year of start-up period covering a comprehensive assessment of the existing system, the preparation and submission of the Service Improvement Plan for the city and an advance procurement plan, together with preparation and procurement of some advance third party contracts.

Three years transition period with the Operator acting as construction manager for the design, procurement of construction and supervision of the facilities and of utility systems to convert water supply system of BELAGAVI (Belgaum) to continuous pressurized water supply, together with operation and maintenance of existing Water Supply System and the converted Water Supply Zones as they move to 24×7 Water Supply; and Eight year sustaining period covering operation and maintenance of the continuous pressured water supply system.

Brief particulars of the Contract is as follows:

Contract No.Contract NameContract PeriodEstimated Contract Amount (Rs in Crores)
KUIDFC / KUWSMP/ 24X7WS/ BLG / 195 / 2016-17 Services of Operator for Cost Effective and Sustainable Up-Scaling of Continuous (24×7) Pressured Water Supply, its Operation and Management in BELAGAVI (Belgaum) City of Karnataka, India12 years (1 year start-up, 3 years transition period and 8 years sustaining period)Start-up Period Fee10.25
Transition Period Fee51.16
Sustaining Period Fee174.62
Total Fee236.03

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