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Shiva’s “The EGG Specialist”

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Special Egg Tomato Fry
Special Egg Tomato Fry

This place is specifically for egg lovers and a very good place for brunch. For all the egg lovers this place is surely going to keep up your love in air. Most of the dishes are good.  If you are egg lover, then you must try this place out.

Shiva’s formerly known as “Raghavendra Tea Stall” started with a small shop (Tapri) opposite to Gogte College of commerce in 2003. Initially Shiva (the owner) was into selling of boiled eggs and tea catering to college students and the other known public.

Disco fry

All the Egg items come with unique names for his eateries like Anda Fast, Disco Fry.

And yes he has always catered to the requirement of the college students and has studied their taste buds well hence one should expect something very cosy.shiva2

AMBIENCE: Simple outlet like a small canteen

FOOD: One can order anything over the menu, everything is delicious. 

Favorites- Special Egg Tomato Fry, Disco Fry, Mix Bread Bhurji.

Location: Behind Swatantra Bhavan, Opposite Gogte college of Commerce.
Timing: 9 am to 9 PM


17 thoughts on “Shiva’s “The EGG Specialist””

  1. I have known shiva since his struggling days, when a single boiled egg costed Rs 1. And he used speaks the language whichever his customers spoke, but my recent visit, he only spoke kannada deliberately that to intimidatingly. :(, One good thing is that he stopped selling cigarettes.

      • Some people are talking non sense on a topic of EGG. If you have any problem with any language leave belgaum immediately. Here we live with all languages people speak as per their convenience. Others may F OFF

        • Look who has initiated this language issue on food discussion; It’s the man called Papaji, That’s why i had to intervene otherwise i have many other business to do.

          • OK, I understand this was food topic but there is also rating for service.. This includes the communication and friendliness. Next time you visit Shiva and order EGG. Please use sign language!! Note: I am not against any language. nor I am disputing border issue, My point is Shiva should have sensitivity towards his customers and respond accordingly. not to deliberately intimidate.

  2. I don’t think Shiva would differentiate with his customers but Papaji is trying to show he loves Kannada & trying to make issue here;What the hell is your problem Mr.Papaji; Its subject of food, why using language politics here????

    You should never forget you guys are hardly 25 to 30%; Maratha;s are still around 75% in Belgaum.

  3. I mean to say, embrace the street language whichever it is. But intimidating is not good.. this incident happened during Kannada Sahitya Sammelana was held in belgaum a year back. If shiva had done this in subconsciously or jokingly, I have no issues, as its fact that official language of karnataka is Kannada & Belgaum is part of Karnataka. But I have issues if you intimidate people.

  4. Shiva’s is a very good snack up place.. I’ve known him for many years, I & my frnds used to visit him very often for eggies & tea when we used to study in gogte college.. Now I miss his awesome cooking..
    And one more point of notice is that he speaks “marathi” too..

  5. You peoples never change first think about Belgaum city see in what bad condition it is. Due to this nonsense language issue our Belgaum not developed yey . see other cities. Leave all these thinks. These political persons made lots of money by keeping alive language issue in Belgaum. Just go to Shiva n have nice eggi sank n enjoy

  6. Thanks Editor for sharing this information about “The EGG Specialist”.

    More than this, we would also like to hear some news about development area In and Around Belagavi. We would like to hear more about currently and upcoming improvements in city from politicians. We don’t want to simply vote any politician for 5 years without any much improvements, we have rights to question them…

  7. Shivaram shetty aka known as shettru…. Has been an angel who has taken care of many hungry hostelites… And outsiders like me…. Thx shettru… Love u and those delicious bread omelets and garnished eggs… And specially for me.. Half boiled ????…. God bless u with a great future…


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