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Shivjayanti on 23 and Procession on 25

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The government will celebrate Shiv Jayanti on April 23 and Rs.8 Lakhs have been allocated for the celebrations. On 23rd morning a function has been organised at Shivaji Udyan at 9.30 am followed by a cultural program and a wrestling match in the evening at 4pm.

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All cities have something very unique and the Shiv Jayanti procession is just another unique event in the lives of Belgaumites. The procession of tableaux will be held on 25th evening. The procession will include various youth clubs and associations presenting and depicting some important parts of the life of Shivaji Mharaj in a lively form. Procession will begin from Nargundkar Bhave Circle, Mruti Galli, Ramdev Galli, Bogarves, Ramling Khind Galli, Tahshildar Galli and will finally end at Shivaji garden.

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  1. Is Basava Jayanti celebrated on same day? I remember usually Shiva and Basava Jayanti fall on same day. Are there any procession programs arranged for Basava Jayanti as well?

  2. Sorry to say but Marathi ppl yet they say they are forced to learn Kannada they criticize us or etc stuffs
    But i believe if that was thing govt would never had allocated Rs.8 Lakhs for the celebrations.
    our State never made u feel Small they have Given same Importance to all if We Both keep Fighting our City wont grow ever say u are Belgaumite & lets Change the fate of Our City & prove our Unity

    • Unity is fine, changing the fate of our city is also good(though not in our hands), I am all for it, but don’t u think that the timing of the govt. grants is just an election gimmick. Remember that both(u know who) our esteemed elected members will be going to the public for their votes again in the span of 1 and a half year, and without the votes of the Marathi speaking population they stand no chance of getting re-elected.
      Shivaji Maharaj is too great a personality and the petty politics surrounding his Jayanti celebrations is no credit to our elected members. Do they think we are all morons?
      Also about the State never making anybody feel small, that’s debatable, in fact that is the crux of the border dispute. If the State is so broad minded, let it just make all official documents/ signboards/ circulars be available in three languages in the City.

      • Nice one anand, For the peoples who have commented against Shri. Shivaji maharaj & marathi…for your kind information, go to the past and see. during the bandhs, morche how the karnataka government have reacted to that. now we have united and they have came to know to the BJP. to keep their seats in belgav. thay have to do something and they know, other than Shri. Shivaji maharaj name, no one can help them to get the votes. if they have guts then why they dont announce that all documents, schools, papaers, nameboards and even our bhagava flag, which is pride of marathas should be utilised all over. its not that so much easy. we also want to be the belgav as the best city but we want the respect for the Shri. Shivaji maharaj, marathi language and our bhagava.
        Jai Shivaji…

  3. @ Santosh,I wish to inform you that Shivaji is neither a Maharastrian no a Maratha. Shivaji Maharaj belongs to the Shishodia family ( Kshatriya ‘s) of Meawar in Rajasthan. In case of doubt in my statement , you may refere to the wikepiedia of consult a noted Historian.You may also verify from a noted Maharastrian Historian. The other noted personalities made ” AMCHI MARATHI MANUS ” are Pandit Bhimen Joshi a noted Hindustani Classical & Shantaram vankudri a noted film director.

    • Shivanand,
      ase chattis aale ani gele pan Shivaji maharaj he ekach hote, aahet ani pudhe sudha asnar…..
      and for your information, if you see the 2-3 Ancestors of shivaji maharaj have lived in maharastra and before that their Ancestors may have stayed in some other part. in simple way, your & mine Ancestors might have belongs to the Antartica island.. so its doesnot mean that you & me belongs from antartica.
      so the kingdom they have generated during their peiod and the SWARAJYA nirman is most important thing. tomorrow i will write something so can u believe on that? you are spoiling the name of Shri. Shivaji Maharaj and the marathians. so before read full information and before you post anything take care of this .

      • My dear friend Shri Gajanan
        I think you have not read and understood my comment fully. You have just written in a fit of fanaticism and rage. In none of the statements of the comment i have degraded Shivaji Maharaj ( And Definitely I will not because I have a great respect and regard for him ).I just want to mention that the Maharastrians are taking false credit of Shivaji by propagating he is a maratha ( when he is actually a Rajput ) secondly there is a false impression among the maratha community that he has a blood of Maharastrian ,whereas he has a blood of a rajasthan. Like wise Pandit Bhimensen Joshi a noted Hindustani Singer and Shantaram Vankudri a famous film producer is touted as a Maharastrian, whereas they actually belong to Karnataka. Maharashtra was akin to the USA in those days where persons from all part of the world contributed to the development of United states of America. Maharastra is very much akin to this. Finally if my ancestors are from Antartica and if I become a noted personality or celebratiy ,I will definately say that my roots are from Antartica and not from the place of my exsisting residing country.


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