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How the Basveshwar circle could look after realignment

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Satish Kumar has made this artistic impression of the Basveshwar circle (Govaves).

We had posted a story Basveshwar circle needs realignment and now we have one view of the circle should be and would ease traffic chaos.

Please mind this is not made by any experts but by just studying the traffic at the circle.

Artistic impression of realigned circle

The Basveshwar Circle (Govaves) needs a urgent realignment to stop the chaos at the circle as the new road connecting to Mhatama Phule road which is 120 feet wide is now ready and already connected to the circle but not officially opened.

0 thoughts on “How the Basveshwar circle could look after realignment”

  1. Very nice… The junction now is too complicated…. realignment & simplification is need of the hour.
    The posted design is really very nice, simple & practical… Kudos!!!

  2. Very good artistic representation of the the circle by a non professional Satish Kumar. Very Good job Satish . Our incharge officials should see this and be ashamed off the situation of the present traffic at the same circle and else where. In my opinion they should just have a small circle as shown in the picture and remove the big dividers on the roads and keep the roads open with signals offcourse for traffic to move smoothly. Hope something like this happens very soon.

  3. good design by satishh… nw plz open eyes corprates, political leaders. traffic police , dept of police & apply this well design plan of BAsaveshwara Circle ASAP to avoid accidents & some bad event… well done satish…


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