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Wonder Wok Chinese food festival

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For the food lovers, which want to be health cautious, Chinese recipes may prove to be the best option for them, both taste and health wise, advices executive Chef of Hotel Niyaaz Pranesh Nag.

Speaking to AAB, Pranesh shared his views, stating that many are unaware of what exactly the Chinese dishes of Indian kitchen are. There are many vendors or hoteliers which sell so called Chinese dish `Chicken 65′, in which chicken pieces are coated with Tandoori paste and are fried. Tandoori masala is North Indian and has nothing to do with Chinese recipes, he clarified.

Under the Chef’s guidance a Chinese food festival has been organised named “Wonder Wok” at Hotel Niyaaz opp. CBT Belgaum. A special hall has been reserved for this fest and one could try eating the noodles with the Chop sticks as well. 

The food fest will be open from 19th April to 3rd May 2012 from 11 to 4pm and 7 to 11pm.niyaz1

Pranesh, who has a rich experience of more than a decade in his profession, has served in different top 4 star hotels of Goa and other places in India. He believes S K Mukharjee of Goa as his `Maha Guru’, who has served for 48 years in hoteling industry. Just about a month ago, Pranesh has joined Niyaz

Hotel Private Limited of Belgaum for acquiring his first experience in the busy moving `Food World’.

Pranesh Nag

Pranesh, who is an Oriental food specialist said that he has been studying the taste of Belgaum since one month, which proved to be different from the taste of Goa. He said that most of the people here prefer medium spicy food. Pranesh said, `in any hotel, waiters have a important role to play, apart

from the chef and so they have to undergo special training for the same. It is because they are the mediators between the customers and the chef. Their role is to understand the taste liked by the customer, if required guide them to choose the recipe and let the chef know, what exact taste the

customer requires,’. Where as cooking can be defined as perfect combination of art and technology done by the chef, he added.

Pranesh focused on the importance of food policy and education, cookery, hospitality, innovation, product development (research) and more, in hotel business.

May it be kitchen, house or its surroundings, maintaining cleanliness for hygienic atmosphere is a must to lead a healthy life for everyone, says Chef Pranesh Nag, according to whom, many of the people in

here are negligent about maintaining cleanliness, after they step out of their houses. The chef, who has recently migrated from Goa to Belgaum, said, `Belgaum is a wonderful place, with fascinating climate and loving people. The only thing felt negative is that many of the people throw garbage or spit anywhere, when they are out of their houses. He said that though City Corporation is responsible for maintaining the hygiene atmosphere of the city, it is also the duty of every citizen to cooperate it for doing so.


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    • this wont be entirely authentic during my interaction with the Chef he said this would be using some authentic sauces not used normally but from the Indian kitchen a bit more spicy than the original

      • Ah!! So its going to be a fusion event with a little more authenticity than usually found under “Chinesse” Dishes..:D

        All the same it should be a good experience.

        • Please understand that the Chinese food usually available here in India is more of Indianized Chinese food. I can almost bet that you wont be able to eat the ‘real’ Chinese food..ask this to anybody who has actually eaten in China 😉

  1. Not to take away any credit from anybody… I still feel unjustified talking about food dishes as if it were some satellite launch. Why make fuss? If the food is hygienic and edible then eat it and get on with it.

  2. being a real foodie..i took my interest to get a taste of this chinese food fest…to add on to it,im also a chinese origin..however,to my dissapointment,the food was simply utter horrible!!to be real honest,it was by far the worst experience n food i ever had!!there is room to please buck up..

  3. The names of indian chinese dishes are not at all known in china. some ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, chilli paste, green chillies may be common. I am no expert in chinese cooking, but based on my exposure to international cooking, basic style of chinese cooking is either stir fry or steamed. Sticky rice is integral part of food. Dimsum is also popular, which is essentially a rice cake stuffed with variety of stuffing like meats and veggies.

    Mainly they eat beef and pork, also chicken. All body parts you can imagine are eaten. yes, including chicken feet, pork toungue, testicles, brain, tail, etc etc. This part of their food is not for squeamish.

    Just remember that item chicken chowmein, or manchurian, just another style of indian cooking. not available in china.

  4. Guys,

    I have eaten authentic Chinese food in Australia, Malayasia & Spain; I bet its very difficult to eat for the first time. Most of the resturants & road side eateries do serve so called Chinese food; these are definitely tasty but not the authentic Chinese but a fusion of local stuff.
    My only wish is people should not be taken for a ride instead educate them; I guess the restaurant in Belgaum will do that.

  5. pure authentic Chinese food will never suit the taste buds of our people …. a bit of Indianazation is required for the people to accept it…. food is always a local issue ….. n should b prepared keeping the local people in view ….
    I really appreciate the initiative taken up by Hotel Niyaaz… in organising the event


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