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Bharat Jagtap putting life in caricatures


“If this is mine(caricature), then I must be really handsome.” these were the words said by P.Chidambaram when he saw his caricature made by Bharat Jagtap from Belgaum.


Bharat Jagtap, born in a family of traders, in a small town of Maharashatra called Barshi, had inclination towards fine art since he was a child. After matriculation he completed five years diploma in commercial art from Abhinav Kala Vidyalay, Pune. With guidance from famous artists like late.J.D. Gondhalekar, Shri. Murali Lahoti, Shri.K.B. Kulkarni, Shri. Subhash Avchat, Bharat emerged a full-fledged expressionist with his very own unique style of rendering illustration. He started his career as an ordinary paster in the pasting department of a newspaper. Later followed his career as a press photographer and finally became an illustrator of the leading Marathi daily, Tarun Bharat, Belgaum.

Bharat is a freelance visual artist. He draws and paints using various media such as pencil, ink pen, sketch pens, crayons, water colors, acrylics, oil paints and of course the digital medium. He also likes to make masks in epoxy medium as a hobby. He specializes himself in caricatures and illustrations.

Bharat has evolved his very own style of caricature and he likes to render my drawings in various styles depending on the application and subject of the illustration. Currently he is also working as an illustrator for a leading Marathi language daily newspaper.

Bharat says, “Caricatures are impressions of your face – they are not portraits. As such their finished work is an interpretation of the image/s supplied and can include exaggerations and other interpretive manipulations.

Caricature A representation, in which the subject’s distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect. This means a caricature is not a portrait, and under some circumstances may have a limited similarity to the original subject. Basically it means your nose may not be proportional because it has been exaggerated, or a forehead might be extra high etc. Certain elements of the face or body may adopt different shapes – this is what caricaturing is all about”.

His caricatures include personalities from different fields, right from politicians to sportsmen and are known for the peculiarities of the features.
Bharat Jagtap further mentioned that he works with different forms and is not restricted to caricatures only. He also does paintings and specializes in masks and murals. He continues to experiment in different media of metals and synthetics. Of a studious nature he loves to experiment with new ideas.

Jagtap has not limited his work to politicians or statesmen alone. His subjects range from cricketers, theatre artistes, film personalities and international figures, with the latest addition being US President Barack Obama.

Bharat further says, “I believe caricaturing is more related to the human mind. Computers are good, indeed, as they have helped many in this field. I associate myself with what comes out of my mind and I use different mediums to sketch,” says Jagtap, who has been awarded the Utkrusht Balvangmai Puraskar – 2009, the Maharashtra state level award.

Legendary cartoonist R.K. Laxman has signed on his own caricature. Australian cricketers signatures — Steve Waugh, Gilchrist and Gillispe — grace their cartoons.

“I cherished creating caricatures of Sonia Gandhi and Atal Behari Vajpayee. However, my favourite is the caricature of former President APJ Abdul Kalam,”

Excerpts of a small interview with Mr.Bharat Jagtap.

    • Your parents/ family views on you becoming an illustrator as a career?Bharat ——> My family was involved in fruit and vegetable trading .So no one thought I should be an artist. My interest in art was not much appreciated from the beginning.Being an artist was considered as uncertain source of income and was not a good choice for career.
    • Do you remember your first caricature?Bharat ——> Girish Karnad had come to Belgaum around 1999 , and I made my first caricature of his. I am a huge fan of Girish Karnad and was so lucky that i got an opportunity of making a caricature of his.When he was on the stage of Kala Mandir. I managed to send his caricature to him through a gate-man, and Girish Karnad liked caricature so much that he asked ” who is Bharat Jagtap’ and asked organisers to call me on stage. In appreciation he gave his autograph on that caricature on the stage itself. This was a big encouragement and was a pack of surprise. Later whenever any celebrity came to Belgaum I made caricatures.

    • You now mainly do caricatures digitally how is this experience and how is it different from drawing on paper?Bharat ——> Actually all the caricatures are done on paper. Because most of them are done live and some are from photographs.
    • Is there any person whom you want to caricaturize?Bharat ——> I always enjoyed doing caricature in the presence of the person. right now, i wish to caricaturize Julia Roberts.
    • Do you also teach this art?Bharat ——> I do conduct live shows and demonstrations to promote an interest in caricature. Any caricature necessarily should show the most prominent characteristic of that person and it reflects artist’s perspective. You will see an individuality in every caricature. There are very few caricature artists in India. Most importantly I would like to mention that caricature is not a cartoon. It is a comic portrait of any person.
    • Your future plans?Bharat ——> I am publishing first book on caricatures. This book contains selective caricature of various celebrities i have done. The second volume will be on Bollywood personalities.
    • What is the best thing about Belgaum you like?Bharat ——> Nature. Air around Belgaum is very encouraging and energizing. people here are so sweet and compassionate.
    • What are your thoughts on this website?Bharat ——> I came across your web-site because of various important people recommended it. When i saw your web site I liked it very much. This web site informs about Belgaum and people of Belgaum. It always given a good “www” exposure to people from Belgaum

website www.bharatjagtap.com



  1. I am grate admirer of the sketches drawn by Bharat Jagtap in daily Tarun Bharat and taking inspiration from these sketches, I started learning the sketching at the age 50 Yrs. And to pursue my this dream I require some guidance from this eminent artist. At present I am trying to learn this things from material available on various websites and books on this subject matter, but I found these thing are not enough and came to conclusion that to learn skills like music and art it require guidance from some guru only.

    I want to know more about Shri. Bharat jagtap and where and how he conducts classes/workshop on art skills. Though the website name http://www.bharatjagtap.com is mention on this page, I found that this website is not working properly. Kindly let me know his contact details.

  2. awesome caricatures, Uday, request you to kindly keep posting his arts in your articles whenever possible.

  3. Hi Uday, kudos to you !
    Thanks for giving details of an artist who is so much there in Belgaum and we dint know few days before.. great efforts put in by in by you and team. Pics given here are very good. I wish i get caricaturized by him some day.. can i ? it would be interesting to see mine. 🙂

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