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Dr. Neeta Baporikar one of the first management gurus from Belgaum


netapicDr. Neeta Baporikar holds a Doctorate in Management from University of Pune, Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Distinction) and Law (Hons.) degree. With more than two and half decades of experience in industry, consultancy, training, research and academics – both at national and international level, she is also an Accredited Management Teacher (AIMA), Qualified Trainer (ISTD) and PhD-Guide, Faculty of Management, University of Pune where more than 5 research scholars are presently pursuing their doctoral studies in management under her guidance. She is also on Advisory Board, Member of Academics and Selection Committee in accredited B-Schools.

Is it something special? Yes, since she thought ahead of her times and pursued a career on unbeaten track. Doing MBA in early 1980’s when very few (even men) did and pursuing a career in management and attaining a ‘PhD in Management’ is certainly commendable! In fact many of her teachers say she may be the first ‘Doctorate in Management’, from Belgaum.


Dr. Neeta Baporikar (Neeta Deshpande) did her schooling from St. Joseph’s Convent Camp (1975-76) and graduated from Gogte College of Commerce in (1980-81).

Currently, she is on an international academic assignment. Earlier to this she is been a Professor – Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship in IIIT and BITS India. Dr. Baporikar has been a Principal Consultant in Pune and Delhi, Trainer for Bhutan German Seed Project Officials, Bhutan and National Insurance Academy, Pune. Prior to her entry into research and academics, her industrial experience for nearly a decade has been with Kirloskar Group, Finolex Group and Maschinenfabrik Polygraph Ltd.

Dr.Baporikar is a prolific writer and her area of research and interest is Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management Education. Widely traveled both across India and abroad, she has presented her work at Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, Oman etc. A reviewer for international journals, she has to her credit more than 30 research papers, and authored multi-disciplinary books in the area of Management and Strategy which are widely read and recommended by leading universities/institutes in India.neeta1

Dr Neeta Baporikar has been recently honoured with “Doctor of Science in Management Studies” by the International University of Contemporary Studies, USA in March 2009 and Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, 2010.

Excerpts of the interview with Dr. Neeta Baporikar:

  1. Who or what inspired you to do doctorate in Management?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> I come from a very humble family – my father was an agriculturist with land and no money – what one can say today “With assets but no liquidity”. Being the youngest of six children, in spite of being good in studies – I could not opt for science stream due to cost factor. I also felt that if my father had managed his lands well, we could have had better life. These thoughts kindled in me a desire to think about management and probably sowed the seeds for pursuing/studying Management.

On the other hand, my mother was a very well read lady. She always inspired me to do well in studies. I had promised my mother that whatever line I choose to study, I would acquire the highest level of education – pursuing doctorate in management, hence, in a way was a promise to be kept. So, the source of inspiration was both – circumstances and my mother.

2.Today youngsters think if he/she is a MBA he has achieved much in life. Your thoughts.

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> Any education by itself cannot be an achievement – so is MBA though it is glamorous and more commercial. What is more important, I feel is whether one is able to imbibe and shoulder the responsibilities which come with professional education – especially degrees like MBA!

3.Some memorable moment or experience when you have traveled for lectures etc.

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> My professional journey of nearly 25 years, has given me many memorable moments/experiences. I will share just two of them because they made me feel not only good but also humble.

The first one was when I was teaching in Bangalore somewhere in 1997. I was called by a publisher and asked as to why I have not yet written a book in the area of management when students are asking for a book written by me! I really felt good but it made me humble to think that my students felt that I was capable to write a book!

Second incident is about three years old; I was invited in one of the Universities in Belgaum to conduct a workshop for MBA students. Being a professional first and a teacher latter, I strongly believe in punctuality. I was to start the session at 9.30 am. I reached the Campus at 9.00 am and checked in with the reception. Some students came along and started talking and when I realized that it was getting late, I asked them where the session was arranged – they led me to the hall and I began my session at sharp 9.30 am. After about 10-15 minutes the concerned officials came in to begin the workshop in a formal manner and were shocked to see that all the 150 students were already engrossed in the session!

So I was welcomed and introduced in the mid of a session!

4.Did being from a small town of Belgaum anyway hinder your career?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> Not really – in fact small town values namely, hard work, sincerity, urge, honesty and non-ego approach help, I think to do well in any career.

5.You are a management guru who’s yours?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> It is difficult to name any one in particular – but I did take my lessons from – Jhansi Rani Laxmibai from History, Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from Politics and Father of Management -Thinker and Writer Peter Drucker from Management Science – incidentally I share my birthday 19th November with all three of them!

Others to name would be my teachers, V. Ramdas, Dean MBA and Late. P. S. Palande – Ex Commissioner of Pune and my doctoral guide.

6.Belgaum has so many management colleges have you come here anytime as a guest lecture or do you plan to?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> Not really except once as mentioned. However, I do have plans to be associated with setting up a good management institute in Belgaum if right opportunity comes along in future. In this way, I hope to give back something to my birthplace. Let us see.

7.Tell us something about your books?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> Basically my books are professional and can be classified as reference or text depending upon the level of studies/course. They can also be used as handbooks.

My first book “Entrepreneurship and Small Industry” 2002, now in its revised form “Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management” 2007, can be very handy for any one who wants to start their own enterprises or ventures.

Case Method – Cases in Management first published in 2002 is the first of its kind to bring both disciplines – education and management on one platform. Case method as a teaching pedagogy from Harvard on one hand and cases from all areas of management is the coverage. This is tool for the new faculty entrants in management education. The second revised edition has been published in 2008.neeta2

Global Strategic Management is more of Post Graduate Reference Book for Strategy Specialization Studies.

Management Education – Challenges Ahead is exactly what the title says in the light of proliferation of B-Schools all over the country – it is about Quantity vs. Quality of management graduates.neeta3

Others titles in the offing are Fundamentals of Pursuing Higher Degrees (PhD) and How to Educate Oneself Better?

8.Management education challenges ahead- some tips for under grads and PG’s pursuing management currently.

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> A teacher’s job is to inspire, model, promote, and develop… to do anything else, is to be irrelevant. My tips for the future management graduates is “Build Winning Business Attitudes” and the guidelines given 100 years ago to build this attitude still hold good. They are simple, but one needs to practice.

    • Make the best of circumstances. No one has everything, and everyone has for something of sorrow.
    • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
    • Don’t let criticism worry you–you can’t please everyone.
    • Don’t let your neighbors set your standards. Be yourself.
    • Do things you enjoy doing, but stay out of debt.
    • Don’t borrow trouble. Imaginary things are harder to bear than actual ones.
    • Don’t hold postmortems or spend time brooding over sorrows and mistakes.
    • Don’t be the one who never gets over things.
    • Keep busy at something. A very busy person never has time to be unhappy.

Students with the following characteristics build winning attitudes:

· Plan makers

· Information users

· Opportunity seekers

· Risk takers

· People helpers

· Organization builders

· Enthusiastic learners

9.Your future plans?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> Work on improving management education – especially in smaller places and continue with RESEARCH, travelling/exploring, writing and publishing.

10.How often do you come to Belgaum?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> Depends, but I try to visit at least once in 2 years.

11.What is the best thing about Belgaum you like?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar -> Weather – Camp Area and of course the school friends who are settled there!

12.What are your thoughts on this website?

Dr. Neeta Baporikar –> Impressed! Good pioneering efforts – because of which Belgaum and Belgaumites will get truly recognized – that is long overdue for a truly Cosmo City! Maybe small in size – but then “small is beautiful”, so is Belgaum indeed! Best Wishes!



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    • Thank you for remembrance – Excuse the late reply.
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    This is farida your friend. My son ali is getting married next September. Would like to send you an invitation. Wedding is in bombay. Send me your details .

  4. Dr Neeta,

    I am working as a Management Consultant and Corporate trainer for the past twenty years and based at Kolkata.

    I like to undertake a PhD.programme in Management.
    Will you be able to guide me to the best available programme which I will be able to undergo.

    My details are

    Name : Taufail Ahmed
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    • Please email me at [email protected] to set the ball rolling – we can discuss and then depending on your interests/area I could give you some guidance/tips.

      Best Wishes,

      Dr. Neeta Baporikar

    • Dear Piyush Sarda,

      Thank you for the invite. It would have been my pleasure to grace your management fest but regret as I am currently out of the country.

      By the way which management institute are you studying? Can you please forward the weblink and your email id also, so that we can work out something in future.

      Best Wishes,

      Dr. Neeta Baporikar

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