Statue Flag can destroy natural habitat of birds on the Island in Fort lake

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Over 40 species of birds at Belagavi Fort lake; Yes it is true. The small island and the lake itself attracts about 40 species of birds all the year round. But now this natural habitat of the birds on the island in the middle of the lake is endangered with the plan of setting up a Buddha Statue and a91 mtrs high National Flag post on the island.

Indian Spot Billed Duck, Pond Heron, Little Egret, White Throated King Fisher, Red Wattled Lapwing, Black Winged Stilt, Grey Heron, Eagle’s, Bulbuls, Wagtails and many other species were sighted at the lake.

fort lake birds belagavi
Photos: Veerana Madliwar

The govt and the district administration has planned to spend about 3 crores to set up a statute and a very big national flag, and this beyond doubt will destroy the natural habitat of the birds.

The installation of Buddha statue and national flag is approved by a special committee under the 100 crore special fund. The State Government has given its nod for the same and RFP have been called for.

One more hurdle is the birds nesting here are not on records of the Govt as any mini sanctuary or something like that, hence getting permission for the same wont be too ambitious. 

Corporation can develop this spot as a micro bird sanctuary, which would increase tourist interest in the place, besides preserving the biodiversity.

Sashidhar Kurer said, if there are objections to the project, it will be reviewed again.


5 thoughts on “Statue Flag can destroy natural habitat of birds on the Island in Fort lake”

  1. Important issue. Thanks to the editor for bringing it to light.
    I really don’t understand why religious status need to be installed in public place. Some day people will start fighting for this statue.
    Hope local people put some pressure on Corporation.
    Or NGO’s should intervene 2 save it.

  2. Please convert all open space in all the extension area to man made ponds or lakes. Plant the tress, At least make convert them to rain water harvesting gardens.
    Give these places to pvt companies saying they can convert these to garden and maintain that with very limited adertisements on their company in that garden.

    Other wise these will be converted to Commercial areas and get occupied by people.

  3. public places neither shall have mandir or masjid
    nor any other religious statues
    infact all illegal mandir or masjid on road sides shall be demolished
    only national flag is welcome

  4. Putting statues on crossing is turning a traffic inconvenience. A crossing having a statue of religious or political figure debar the view from other side thus a policeman directing traffic at crossing or intersection is not able to see the other lane because of statue in middle and so for the commuters, thus a confusion is always there and traffic get jammed.


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