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Over 40 species of birds at Belgaum Fort lake

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Over 40 species of birds at Fort lakeBelgaum is known to the world for its pleasant weather and greenery everywhere and anyone visiting the place falls in love with the city in no time,


Many would be shocked to know that about 40 species of birds can be sighted throughout the year at the Belgaum Fort Lake (Kote Kere or Killa Talav). These winged beauties not only visit the lake but also have made it their home for nesting.


Veeranna Madiwalar, an avid birds photographer who casually visited the lake was astonished to see the number of birds at the lake at the first instance. He happened to see a new bird which he was not aware of and in the search of the same he found that this lake is a nesting ground for many species of birds which is a very good sign for nature & bird lovers. 



The lake which is maintained by Darshan Udyog is doing its bit to get in more birds. They also have some domestic ducks which are fed by Bharma Shinde. He deliberately started feeding other birds too which in one way was the beginning of the whole story. 

Veeranna Madiwalar
Veeranna Madiwalar

Many birds thronged the man made island in the middle of the lake and Azrekar of Darshan Udyog said that the island has been kept away from general public as the birds have their own space in there and that it is cleaned a few times a year by them. We are also happy that this has developed as a habitat for the birds.

Indian Spot Billed Duck, Pond Heron, Little Egret, White Throated King Fisher, Red Wattled Lapwing, Black Winged Stilt, Grey Heron, Eagle’s, Bulbuls, Wagtails and many other species were sighted at the lake. By giving them this much needed space, the birds are feeling safe and are nesting on this island at the lake. We hope more such lakes and island are developed.

All Photos: Veeranna Madiwalar

6 thoughts on “Over 40 species of birds at Belgaum Fort lake”

  1. Hello Veeranna Madiwalar,

    Thanks a lot for highlighting the nature awareness to public through AAB. I am too a nature lover & would like to do some thing concrete for the birds using the island in lake with collaboration from Darshan Udyog & BCC & AAB. Please suggest some meetings or discussions we can have to work on this to get all like minded people together.

    Thanks & regards,

    • Sure Praveen, It’s my pleasure to have a talk about it. You may contact me. Lets meet whenever we have the possibility.

      Veeeranna Madiwalar

  2. Great work MR. Veeranna. Just a suggestion, boards indicating “Please do not feed wild animals and birds” must be put around lakes. These animals/birds loose their natural talent of hunting and eating and become dependent on human beings. Also human food like bread, etc are not a good diet for these animals. For birds, attempt must be made to culture fish or other aquatic species in the lake. Manmade waste flowing into lakes must be avoided. I remember seeing white cranes in 80’s, eventually i stopped seeing them and now birds are back, which is good news.

  3. Additional comment: can you please put some pictures with name of the bird against the picture on this blog, that way it is easy to recognize the birds. A similar billboard with picture of birds and names can be erected near the lake to create awareness. Thanks.

  4. thank u very much for this useful information….
    cause I’m a birdwatcher ……and a nature lover….
    I wanted to report that there is another place like this in belagavi….that is the lake near hindalaga ganapathi temple…named attiveri bird sanctuary lake in here maps….. it has so many variety of bird species and in very good no also.. I’ve found many species there like
    spot billed ducks
    grey heron
    purple heron
    all type of egrets
    many species of kites, eagles hawks
    common and white breasted kingfishers
    pond herons
    red wattled lapwings.
    and I’ve so many times seen long birds like cranes flying over the lake but I’m not sure they are from there or just wandering..
    and so many other common water birds…
    and Ive seen nearly more than 80 species of birds adjacent to the lake the golf course…..

    but one bad news is that the lake has been converted into commando training lake….
    and Ive observed fishing in that lake….so I asked the army men there they told that they are fishing through army…… is the only bad news there ……

    finally I request u all to plz keep water bowls on your terrace or in front of it house …..cause the birds dieing due to heat…..please

  5. can you please help me in providing information and photos about all these , i am student and making project on fort lake ecosystem .. i have completed most of the part with plants trees water and all but i do have very little information about birds .. i hope you help me


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