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Chamber submits suggestions for Belgaum Railway station upgradation

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As  you are aware the Belgaum is a City on the North Western part of Karnataka sharing the

border with  the States of Maharashtra and Goa. Belgaum is the home of Maratha Light

Infantry Regimental Center   and also boasts of an Indian Air Force Station. The Government of

Karnataka has commenced the   activities to have its IInd base in Belgaum and from this point of

view the Secretariat is being be   developed in the City. Belgaum is  the second largest exporter

in the State of Karnataka having a large  number of Small Scale Industries.


The City has a 1000 bedded hospital which has very recently signed a MOU to educate the

students of   another  country at its to be developed campus. Belgaum has the   Vishveshwarriah

Technical University  in Belgaum to which all the technical and engineering institutions of the

State are affiliated. In addition, he it has four engineering colleges, two medical colleges (one

more is coming up as mentioned  above), and many other colleges in variety of faculties.



In short the common migrating population of Belgaum is entirely dependent on the Rail Service

That  connects  Bangalore, Hydrabad, Pandechery, Pune, Mumbai and Goa. The

Railway Station at Belgaum  is  one of the very  old stations of the Country and on the


We request you to consider the following points for immediate action


1.An additional gate to be provided on the East side near Railway Auditorium with ticket window which will facilitate the incoming passengers from the city centre and also help in   regulating passengermovement during rush hours over

2.Additional ticket counters to be opened for speedy issue of tickets

3. Installation of platform ticket vending machine will greatly help in collection as well as avoiding unnecassary rush at theticket counters

4.More number of sitting arrangements to be provided on  platform no.1 towards west side  ie commencing from stair case/overbridge for platform crossing.

5. As you are aware that Belgaum has been designated as IInd capital  of Karnataka. we request you to endeavour the proper facelift to the Belgaum Railway  station with the  with Neon/illumunated display  displaying “BELGAUM

6.A well equipped authorised  medical store with the life saving drugs  should be provided  on  the platform to facilitate the needy passengers

7.Parking shed /lounge should be provided to two wheelers and four wheelers.

8.It has been found that  one of the cold drinking water facility near staircase on platform No 1 is provided very  next to urinals/toilet which is very unhygenic, we request you to  move the drinking water unit   to  another suitable place

9.Stagnation of rain water between parcel office and MCO entrance office should be attended



It has been observed by our surveyance committee of the Chamber visiting  the Railway station that following provision has to be made for a physically handicaped which are of utmost importance  and  needs speedy  redressal.

#.An additional staircase/ overhead platform crossings bridge should be provided with the seperate ramp on priority basis  for deferently  abled/ senior citizen  person crossing between  platforms No. 1 and 2.

#.The present number of wheel chairs  available on the Belgaum Railway station with             three platforms does not serve the purpose, we request you to provide more number of wheel chairs/strechers and  their location should be properly displayed.

#. Coaches  earmarked  for physically challanged person strictly be used for the entrusted/ bonafied purpose and location of Handicapp coach/bogie should be announced before arrival of the train and a RPF personal should be provided to attend and  help the physically challanged to their respective seat.

#. Presntly it is found that at the  reservations counters senior and physcially challenged persons have to stand in the same que along with general public which is of great inconvinence. We request you to provide a seperate que arrangment for senior and physcially challenged persons




Tatkal reservations facility  should be streamlined by monotoring  and keeping a strict vigilience on the passengers so as to flush out non bonafied ticket seekers, this action would greatly help genuine ticket seeekers.

Continious  announcement of arrival and  departure of  trains and their respective  platform number should be made along with dispay for location of coaches especially  on platforms No 2 and  It has been found that service/ utility charges collected at  platform toilets are at higher rates , compare to other railway stations ,. proper display of utility/ service charges is require


Help desk should be provided on all the platform with the proper instruction manuals


It has been found that  authorised food vendors do not maintain proper requisite hygene.They should also be instructed  to wear clean and neat uniform with the identity cards.and serve and maintain good quality and correct quantity  of food


Prepaid rickshaw and taxi services should be provided with the area wise/distance  tarrif chart  for the conveniecne of the passengers.due safety should be provided for the passengers arriving late night.


General information of Belgaum city and places of  tourist  interest in and around Belgaum to be displayed with the photographs .


City bus service should be provided  to ply on all the part of city from Railway station.Ther Chamber has already taken up this matter with the  NWKSRTC , we urge the Railway authorities to followup this matter  for the convenience of the passengers.




1  Adequate police personals especially lady police personal should be deputed on platforms aswell as at the pre paid rickshaw stand for the convince of passengers


2  Attender to be provided at dormitatory on 24 hours  basis.for the safety and security of passengers and luggage


3 It has been found by our surveyance committee that 50% of station staff does not carry Identity cards/tags.we request your office to take strict and necessary action


4 It has been observed that many a time’s unattended children from nearby station are playing on platforms, which should be seriously looked into and proper measure to be taken.


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  1. I am surprised Why the Belgaum DRUCC is not emphasizing on Belgaum Railway station infrastructure development ,more siding tracks more platforms ,south side access and building terminal, pit lines for sidings of rakes with charging and water filling facilities for bogies ,and on priority Belgaum Dharwad rail line with moving of goods shed to Sambra with ware housing facility and truck terminal and also Diesel Loco shed in Belgaum

  2. It’s better the Railway Station and Bus Stand should be shifted outside the City with all the suggestions made by


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