To serve humanity is as good as praying Almighty God

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By its very nature, hate destroys and tears down; by its very nature, love creates and builds up.”– Martin Luther King Jr. 

The above statement of Martin Luther King is aptly applicable to just & humanly activities of ‘Al-Iqra” Foundation, Belagavi. Members of the team under the leadership of Khadar Gheewala are striving hard to serve the community irrespective of caste, creed & religion.

The team is driven by strong values that humanity is above religion. Cutting across religious lines in this disastrous covid pandemic, they are serving the ailing community with single-minded devotion. “Al-Iqra” foundation has offered all its resources at its disposal to serve society.

The covid 2nd wave has created panic, uncertainty & anxiety among citizens. The rapid explosion of viral infection to an exponential degree has sent jitters to Govt. & health policymakers. The covid infected relatives running for hospital beds, non-availability of oxygen beds, unusual scene of hospitals putting up house full boards, patients running from hospitals to another hospital for beds, frenetic calls to beg for beds, cry for life-saving drugs, death of near & dear ones, relatives of the deceased reluctance to perform last rites, deserted bodies have become the order of the day since a fortnight.

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Many individuals, NGOs serving in their own way to aid the infected. But, “Al-Iqra” foundation stands apart with a strong desire to serve the community in the disastrous pandemic period, their will to unite, organize, rise and serve the community has received applauds from citizens.

Al-Iqra member’s zeal to provide relief to the most vulnerable segment of the society reflects how a minority NGO can make a big difference even in the face of government inefficacy and ineptitude. Specifically heartening is the work of members of Al-Iqra organization that are working to provide succor to all, regardless of religious or caste identities. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened our health, isolated us from family and friends, has put a strain on our jobs. But so many voluntary organizations, NGOs are serving the community among them “Al-Iqra” stands apart and their commitment & enthusiasm to serve the sick is highly commended by one & all. Khaderbhai Gheewala & his team have emerged as hope in despair.

There is nothing like impossible, for any task they are assigned the team is full of compassion & solidarity. Al-Iqra foundation has taken collective responsibility to reach out to every segment of the society in this hour of crisis & is committed to helping every individual in this hapless situation.

Khaderbhai’s well-known name in the name city is the central force behind all the activities. He uses all his knowledge, skills, contacts to get an oxygen bed for a gasping patient from civil to private hospitals. Home isolated patient not willing for hospital admission needing oxygen cylinders is organized in no time.

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Shifting sick patients by ambulance to the hospital, liaising with drug controller for life-saving drugs, motivating the symptomatic patients for RT-PCR test, assisting to set up a hospital, cremation of the deceased, organizing food for covid patient’s & their attenders, medicines, free rations etc.

One man working with multiple agencies and multiple tasks the skill he uses to get the things done is a good lesson to modern managers. 24X7 the Al-Iqra team is abuzz with activities and at every moment trying to save a precious life. Their missionary zeal to serve human needs much more recognition & support.

Certain activities under taken by Al-Iqra foundation in 2nd wave pandemic are;

  • Serving over 400 meals, water, fruits to patients admitted in District Hospital, Belagavi.
  • Serving food to on duty police.
  • Extending ambulance services to sick to reach to hospitals
  • Over 350 bodies cremated when relatives of the deceased were afraid to cremate bodies of their own kith & kin.
  • Arranging beds for needy patients. Delivering medicines to the needy.
  • Organising oxygen concentrators, mobilising resources, liaising with various NGOs/Governmental agencies.

Al-Iqra foundation under the dynamic leadership of Khader Gheewala has knit all the religions in one yarn in the true sense unity in diversity is reflected in all his activities. Serving humanity is serving god has come true with Al-Iqra foundation. The generous citizen from Belagavi is required to come forward recognize, appreciate and donate to the Al-Iqra foundation to carry forward their compassionate work. For their services call 9008290296

11 thoughts on “To serve humanity is as good as praying Almighty God”

  1. Truly amazing & Indeed a Great Job .
    Keep it up Abdul Qader Bhai & do your best to the humanity.
    We salute your services & also thanks to who highlighted & brought your services to the notice of general public, which is hardly done by any mainstream media.

  2. Service to Humanity is need of the hour in this difficult time. Such efforts will play an important role in winning the faith and confidence all the Communities. This is the true spirit of Indianess.

    A big salute to Al Iqra Foundation for a commendable job.

  3. Great work by AL IQRA,,Team under the guidance of Khader bhai,,May Allah help the team in all the endeavors,,Big Salaam to the team

  4. Thus wrote Mahatma Gandhi: “To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” The selfless services rendered by the compassionate human beings of the Al-Iqra Foundation, Belagavi – will be remembered. May their tribe increase.


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