Traffic cops to ‘shoot’ violators; Cops turn into Photo Enthusiasts

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From candid snapshots to sleek ad campaigns and everywhere in between, mobile phone photography has advanced rapidly in a few short years, and so have the Traffic police adapted it self to this new technology and turned themselves into Photo Enthusiasts.

In the recent past it is a common scene at junction of Belagavi to find traffic police to clicking pictures of drivers breaking a traffic law for the purpose of sending him a notice of a traffic violation and mainly the violation is non wearing of helmet.

Photo Courtesy: Bengaluru Traffic Police

I have seen traffic cops running around when there is the red signal to get that exact candid number plate image which he will send to the Traffic management desk which in turn will issue a notice of the violation to the owner of the vehicle.

At Rajendra Prasad circle on College road, there was a traffic jam due to a fruit vendor standing near the IDBI bank but TWO cops were busy at the circle with their mobile to get that candid number plate shot.

traffic-camSometimes these cops just arise infront you from nowhere and take a pic and the driver is awestruck.

The major circles have CCTV installed but even then cops are deployed to take pics, looks like the priorities have changed with time.

The Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle never has a traffic cop to maintain traffic, god knows why no one is ever deputed there and citizens have to manage themselves.

Many still are not aware of why the traffic police are clicking pictures, but they all will come to know once the notice arrives home.

So the next time you see a cop infront of you, do give a smile and say Cheese!

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  1. Instead of clicking photos, try the best to maintain traffic… Which is. Relative g havoc to the public… Catch those vehicles who r riding triple seats, driving vehicles on wrong sides and also violating other laws.. wearing helmets in hot sun can be troublesome too…

  2. Clicking photos is a easy task compared to managing and regularising the traffic, hence cops are more interested in these easy task. For a instance if a rider is not wearing a helmet than he is just putting his life in risk but if rider who is coming from wrong sides, driving into one ways, over speeding or breaking signals than he is putting his as well as others life to stake.. Hence such violators to be targeted first. But again this a difficult job for cops so catch the person without helmet .

  3. not wearing helmet is not the only crime , but police department must also see , otherviolations
    like driving on wrong side , overtaking from left, sudden u turn by front vehicle , etc .
    it is also people walking sense on road etc should be controlled .

  4. Wearing helmet is a choice of the rider. U may notice that while wearing a full helmet there is no vision on vehicles next to you. That might be tough riding in heavy traffic. So wearing helmet is dangerous too

  5. Law is equally to all. Now a days cops are issuing notice to the traffic rules violators i.e not wearing of seat belt but at the same time they are also violating the traffic rules by not wearing seat bet. And also there are many government department vehicles driven by It’s drivers without warning seat bets. Only making traffic rules is not enough the public, including police department and all the government departments should follow the rules no one is above the law.


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